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Ethiopian Dog Wins The DV Visa Lottery Before Owner Does
Owner Says He “Is Finishing Paper Work for Bobby”
By Alemnesh Regassa, CHEWATA’s Reporter in Addis Ababa
Copyright CHEWATA and Ethiopis.com, May 25th, 2006

    A man in Ethiopia, who, as a joke,  had filled out his dog's name and address on the application for the US Diversity Visa Lottery , an annual visa program which is run by the US State Department , says that Bobby, his pet dog, has won the lottery.  "I have been filling out the DV application for the last 5 years and I was frustrated with not getting any positive replies," explained Mitiku Andualem, owner of Bobby the dog. "So, I decided to put down Bobby's name on the application and even submitted his photo thinking there was no way my dog would have a better luck than I.  Little did I know that Bobby would receive a visa appointment letter with the US Embassy," a dejected Mr. Mitiku told ethiopis.com.

Mr. Mitiku’s family memebers and neighbors were as suprised as him. “Atleast his dog will have a chance to improve his life, unlike Wuro here!” said an angry neighbor of Mr. Mitiku, Birke Defabachew, pointing to a napping black cat that was just a few yards away from her. Neighbors were gathered around Mr. Mitiku staring at the documents that have arrived from the US State Department. " We just received the congratulatory letter announcing that Bobby needs to start to get his things together to get his immigrant visa," said a depressed Mr. Mitiku.

“Embassy Ketero Alegn!”

Immigration experts in Addis Ababa contacted by ethiopis.com were bewildered by this development and some suggested that Bobby may not be able to pass the interview at the US Embassy. “Look,” said Tedla Agonafir, an immigration attorney in Addis Ababa. “When this dog is sitting right across the visa officer at the US Embassy, he will have to say something to convince her that he will be a productive citizen in the United States. He can’t just say ‘Woof, Woof’ and get his visa.”

Mr. Mitiku was surprised that a lot of his neighbors were bringing their female dogs to his house and just “letting them loose on Bobby.” “I know they want Bobby to marry one of them and take them to America to try for a better life but in this day of diseases Huluam Wusha memermer Alebat!”, said Mr Mitiku angrily. The dog owner said he was heading to the Ethiopian Immigration office near Meksal Square to complete the necessary paper work for Bobby “for his US Embassy appointment”. “Egziabher LeBobby yehen Edil kesetew yetekemibet beye new…I hope he will be a better dog and someday remember to send tinish frank.”

Asked by our reporter what he planned to do after sending his dog abroad to relatives in New York city, Mr. Mitiku promptly replied, “I will be doing what I have been doing for the last 16 years since I don’t have a job. Kuch beye tirsen eyefaku, DV eyemolahu arejalehu!”

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