Еда. Препараты. Лекарства. 2014 год.

в человеческих супермаркетах дешевые корма, что-то нормальное можно купить в звериных супермаркетах или онлайн.

не сочтите за рекламу)))
www.chewy.com и будет вам счастье)))

Амазон, eBay никаких прескрипшн не надо пример ответа на вопрос на Амазоне

Do you require a prescription for this purchase?

A: Hi, it is not necessary to provide a copy of your pets Rx to make the purchase, however we do ask that if you have a copy handy of your pets Rx that you email us that copy. Thanks. Hope this is helpful.
-4petsusa Customer Service 4PetsUSA answered on April 11, 2014
A: No prescription is required for purchasing any of the foods we offer. There are no medications in the food. They are simply formulated to help with or not do harm for the different ailments that they are made for. Thanks