Интервью в Бухаресте 2022

если бы выигравший потрудился почитать форум за этот год (или хотя бы вы за него/нее), то он(а) поняла бы, что в последние 2 года все - не “как всегда”.

Уж справки-то можно было бы заранее получить.

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Пришло письмо из посольства США в Румынии.
Прививку надо делать ДО медкомиссии. НО она These are not widely available in Romania.
Значит еще один уровень квеста. Езжай перед медкомиссией (как выяснилось ТОЛЬКО Минск или Москва) еще в другую страну за прививкой.
На что они надеятся, присылая это все, за полторы недели до интервью?

Копия письма:

You were selected in the Diversity Visa Program DV-2022 and were scheduled by the Kentucky Consular Center (KCC) for a visa interview at the U.S. Embassy in Bucharest on **** .

First , please send to our office scanned copies of your current passport and the English translation of your birth certificate. If you used a different passport to register for the DV program, please send a copy of that too and be prepared to bring it to the interview.

Please follow the instructions received from KCC and as attachments to prepare for the interview. At the time of your visa interview you must be prepared to present the following documents, in original, unlaminated, with copies and English translations:

  • Your valid passport,
  • two (2) photos as attached or in link, photo,
  • birth certificate,
  • police certificate from your country of nationality, for all applicants over the age of 16,
  • police certificates , if available, from all countries where you resided more than 1 year after the age of 16 (see Visa Reciprocity),
  • military record,
  • your high-school diploma, original, copy and English translation,
  • other diplomas for higher education (optional),
  • financial supporting documents showing you will not become a public charge – bank accounts, assets, financial supporting documents from family or friends in the U.S, etc.

· the medical examination completed with the Embassy’s panel physician in Moscow or Minsk is acceptable. As an alternative you can also complete the medical exam in Bucharest (instructions attached); for the medical exam please be prepared to bring to the clinic:

  • the DS-260 form confirmation page ,

  • the immigrant case number ,

  • the visa category: immigrant DV,

  • the complete address from the USA,

  • a valid email address.

  • VACCINATION: Please note, a COVID vaccine is required for immigrants to the United States. Only FDA approved vaccines are accepted (Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson). These are not widely available in Romania. Please make every effort to get an FDA approved vaccine and have proof of vaccination before completing the medical exam. We are unable to assist with information on finding a clinic. cdc.gov

Please plan your trip to Romania allowing sufficient time for the medical examination if conducted in Romania (as the result for the TB test for children may take up to one week) and for the processing of the visa.

The fee of $330.00 per person must be paid at the time of the interview, only at the Consular cashier, in cash in U.S. or Romanian currency or by credit card.

If you need a translator for your interview, you must arrange for one to be present. We do not provide a translator for your interview. You will need to provide their name in advance of the appointment so they may be admitted for the interview.

If you wish to contact the Immigrant Visa Unit you may either call at 021-2706000 Monday through Friday between 8:00 am and 12:00 pm, or e-mail at VisasBucharest@state.gov

Please confirm the receipt of this message.


Immigrant Visa Unit

U.S. Embassy Bucharest, Romania

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медкомиссию в крайних случаях можно и после интервью пройти и дослать.

Я не знаю как вы читаете письма, но прививка относится к мед комиссии. Если вы сделаете мед комиссию в Москве или Минске, то будете делать это по требованиям этих территорий. В Москве или Минске прекрасно принимают со спутником.

Only FDA approved vaccines are accepted (Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson).

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Вот про медкомиссию после, я ни разу не слышал

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Как прошло то все?

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