Интервью в Москве

Доброго времени суток!

Помнится, где-то прочитал, что при заполнении форм из первого пакета можно указать город, где удобнее проходить интервью. Так ли это или гринкардовая служба сама направляет куда надо?

Лично мне, например, удобнее в Москве, чем в Варшаве.

С уважением,

Esli vy jivete na Ukraine (v chastnosti, v Kieve), to doljny prohodit’ interview v Varshave. Esli jivete v Rossii, to doljny prohodit’ interview v Moskve. V etom plane u vas net osobennogo vybora.

Есть прецеденты, когда из Украины победители заказывали интервью в Москве, получали его там и успешно проходили без вопросов по этому поводу.
Если ранее я, например, была склонна ехать в Варшаву без проблем, то теперь в связи со сложностями получения польской ( а вскорости становящейся шенгенской) визы для интервью с удовольствием выбрала бы Москву.

Есть прецеденты, когда из Украины победители заказывали интервью в Москве, получали его там и успешно проходили без вопросов по этому поводу.
Если ранее я, например, была склонна ехать в Варшаву без проблем, то теперь в связи со сложностями получения польской ( а вскорости становящейся шенгенской) визы для интервью с удовольствием выбрала бы Москву.

Situacia sleduiuscaia.
Konsul’stvo v Varshave vas obiazano priniat’ dlia prohojdenia interview, poskol’ku vy jivete na Ukraine.
Konsul’stvo v Moskve imeet polnoe pravo vam otkazat’ v rassmotrenii vashih dokumentov, daje esli KCC raspredelit vashi dokumenty v Moskvu, vne zavisimosti ot obstoiatel’stv (za redkim iskliucheniem).
Konsul’stvo v Moskve v bol’shinstve sluchaev voobsce ne imeet pravo priniat’ vashi dokumenty, esli vy jivete na Ukraine i nahodites’ tam, za iskliucheniem dvuh sluchaev:

  1. U vas rossiiskoe (ili turkmenskoe) grajdanstvo.
  2. KCC po toi ili inoi prichine naznachit vashi dokumenty dlia rassmotrenia v Moskve.

KCC inogda po oshibke naznachaet perepravku dokumentov v konsul’stvo po mestu rojdenia, a ne mesta jitel’stva. Esli vy rodilis’ v Rossii ili Turkmenistane, tak vashi dokumenty mogut okazat’sia v Moskve (v rezul’tate oshibki KCC).

Kak ia uje skazal, v etih dvuh sluchaiah moskovskoe konsul’stvo imeet pravo priniat’ vas dlia rassmotrenia vashih dokumentov, a imeet pravo vam otkazat’.

Esli je vypolneny oba eti uslovia (1 i 2 odnovremenno), to konsul’stvo v Moskve ne otkajet vam v rassmotrenii (hotia, sudia po vsemu, vse je imeet na eto pravo).

Drugih prichin, po kotorym konsul’stvo v Moskve imeet pravo priniat’ dokumenty k rassmotreniu, net.

Sootvetstvenno, kakoe u vas grajdanstvo?

Procedura zaprosa v konsul’stve na priniatie vashih dokumentov vygliadit tak:

9 FAM 42.61 PN1.1 Applicant Requests Transfer of Visa Files
9 FAM 42.61 PN1.1-1 Request to Receiving Post
(TL:VISA-386; 04-05-2002)
The IV applicant (beneficiary) must request in writing that the intended receiving post accept the case. There is no prescribed form or format for such a request, and the applicant may make the request by letter, facsimile or electronic mail. The applicant must send the request, along with a justification for the request, to the intended receiving post.

9 FAM 42.61 PN1.1-2 Action by Receiving Post
(TL:VISA-386; 04-05-2002)
Upon receiving the applicant’s request for a transfer of the case, the intended receiving post must decide whether it will (or must) accept the case for processing. If the intended receiving post accepts the case, that post should request the transferring post to transfer the case. Electronic mail is the recommended means for making the request. [See 9 FAM 42.61 Notes for information concerning place of application.]

У вас противоречия:


Неясно мне все это…

Ia protivorechu?

Hm… Ia ne viju protivorechia.

Ia govoriu o tom, chto esli KCC ne napravit vashi dokumenty v Moskvu, to konsul’stvo v Moskve prakticheski ne imeet prava vas priniat’, a esli napravit, to konsul’stvo mojet vas priniat’, a mojet ne priniat’


Subpart G—Application for
Immigrant Visas
§42.61 Place of application.
(a) Alien to apply in consular district of
residence. Unless otherwise directed by
the Department, an alien applying for
an immigrant visa shall make applica-
tion at the consular office having juris-
diction over the alien’s place of resi-
dence; except that, unless otherwise di-
rected by the Department, an alien
physically present in an area but hav-
ing no residence therein may make ap-
plication at the consular office having
jurisdiction over that area if the alien
can establish that he or she will be able
to remain in the area for the period re-
quired to process the application. Fi-
nally, a consular office may, as a mat-
ter of discretion, or shall, at the direc-
tion of the Department, accept an im-
migrant visa application from an alien
who is neither a resident of, nor phys-
ically present in, the area designated
for that office for such purpose. For the
purposes of this section, an alien phys-
ically present in the United States
shall be considered to be a resident of
the area of his or her last residence
prior to entry into the United States.
(b) Transfer of immigrant visa cases. (1)
All documents, papers, and other evi-
dence relating to an applicant whose
case is pending or has been refused at
one post may be transferred to another
post at the applicant’s request and risk
when there is reasonable justification
for the transfer and the transferring
post has no reason to believe that the
alien will be unable to appear at the re-
ceiving post.


9 FAM 42.61 N2.1 Usual Place of Application
(CT:VISA-854; 11-21-2006)
a. As a general rule, an applicant in the United States should apply for a visa
at the post in the consular district of the applicant’s last foreign
residence. That is the only post required to accept the case for
processing, although some other post might do so as a matter of
b. However, consular officers shall accept, when so directed by the
Department, the immigrant visa (IV) case of any alien who is a citizen or
a national of the consular district, regardless of the alien’s last residence
c. The assignment of an IV petition to a post by the IV processing center in
the United States will constitute such a direction by the Department.

9 FAM 42.61 N2.2 Special Exceptions
9 FAM 42.61 N2.2-1 Discretionary Cases for Hardship
(TL:VISA-16; 11-07-1988)
The Department strongly encourages posts to consider discretionary
acceptance of the case of an alien residing in the United States if:
(1) The alien demonstrates that hardship will result if required to return
to the country of last foreign residence; and
(2) The additional workload is acceptable.

9 FAM 42.61 N2.2-2 Posts Encouraged to Accept Cases
Clearly Involving Hardship
(TL:VISA-854; 11-21-2006)
The Department urges posts to accept legitimate hardship cases (see 9 FAM
42.61 N2.2-3 or 9 FAM 42.61 N2.2-4 below) when the workload permits.
The Department also encourages posts to be flexible in accepting cases
which 9 FAM 42.61 N2.2-3 below would indicate should ordinarily be
processed at another post in the same country. For instance, an alien who
resided in Vancouver but now resides in Detroit might prefer to apply in
Toronto. There is little likelihood of fraud or misunderstanding in this
situation and the Toronto office should accept such an application if its
workload allows.

9 FAM 42.61 N2.2-3 Determining Hardship
(TL:VISA-59; 05-15-1992)
a. Hardship would not usually be considered to exist when an alien does not
wish to return to the place of last foreign residence only because of
inconvenience or expense.
b. A brief, temporary absence from work would not generally be considered
a hardship.
c. Inability of an alien to travel long distances because of physical infirmity
or advanced age would be considered to entail hardship.
d. The presence of war, widespread civil disturbance, revolution, or other
similar phenomena in an alien’s country of last foreign residence would be
evidence that hardship could result if the alien were required to return to
that country. If the post is inclined to accept a case but has doubts about
the alien’s claim regarding a disturbance of some kind in the alien’s
country of last residence, the Department’s advice may be sought (slug
telegram CA/VO/F/P).
e. Aliens from countries with no visa issuing post could possibly entail

9 FAM 42.61 N2.2-4 Department and Post of Jurisdiction
Informed When Discretionary Case Accepted
(TL:VISA-59; 05-15-1992)
Posts accepting a discretionary case must inform both the Department
(CA/VO/F/P) and the post with jurisdiction over the alien’s place of residence
by telegram. Reports of acceptance must be made in each individual case,
except when the alien is a member of a group or class of aliens routinely
accepted by the post and the Department has already been informed of the
policy, or when a group or class of aliens has been the subject of instructions
from the Department.

Vozmojno, vydelennyi jirnym shript pozvolit vam vospol’zovat’sia hardshipom. Vo vsiakom sluchae esli vam otkajut v pol’skoi vize - to togda vy tochno smojete perenesti interview v Moskvu. Esli ne otkajut - togda vriad li.

Ясно, спасибо.