интересная ситуация: AOS approved, and then revoked

хотелось бы выслушать мнения (особенно Раевского).

I have been looking up on multiple threads and forums about what i am writing but with no success. If anyone has experienced anything similar let me know.

I applied for change of status i-485 based on my wife who is a US citizen.

  1. Application date April 15th 2005.
  2. Received application received notice April 17th 2005
  3. Biometrics completed April 18th 2005
  4. Received interview notice, EAD, Travel permit on June 7th 2005
  5. Interview on Feb 15th 2006 in NYC, Federal Plaza bldg.
  6. Approved for green card, ADO stamped passport for temporary I-551 and mentioned i will get my physical card in 4 weeks.
  7. After 8 weeks i had to write to the congressmen as i did not receive the card.
  8. 9 th week after interview date (April 23rd 2006 received the physical Card), Welcome notice.

Now starts the fun part…read carefully…
9. I travel to Switzerland and come back to US
10. I travel multiple times to Canada and come back.
11. In Dec 2006 i get a letter saying from USCIS saying if i aven’t received my card i need to apply for I-90
12. I disregard the notice as i have the card in my hand.
13. On August 1st 2007 i get a very unofficial looking letter, its actually a regular computer printout with my Alien # hand written and i have been asked to meet with ADO in NYC district office at Federal plaza in regards to official matter. Letter does not mention anything.
14. I go on August 10th 2007 i.e, today at 10 am to federal plaza NYC…(i am leaving in NJ currently but when i had initially applied i was in NY) and i happen to meet the same ADO officer who took my interview.
He says i need to surrender my green card as my actual approval date is August 1st 2007 and the reason is my name check just got cleared.
I start wondering what the heck… how did i get the approval in the first place and the card…no idea.
He makes me sign a paper takes my card and then i tell him now what do i do. I have to travel out of the country in 2 weeks. SO he send me for biometrics right away and has given me an appointment for August 22nd. He said he will make sure i get my new card with the new approval and expire date by then so i will have no trouble travelling.

http://www.murthy.com/news/n_app485.html V techenie 2 let posle approvala CIS bez suda mojet ispravit’ svoiu oshibku, esli GC byla odobrena po oshibke.

Takoe byvaet. Odnako, nujno razreshit’ mnogie voprosy. I s poezdkami za granicu bez advance parolia (chto doljno diskvalificirovat’ zaiavlenie na AOS), kak vy zametili, i s rabotoi bez EAD (chto dopuskaetsia dlia suprugov grajdan, v plane chto eto ne diskvalificiruet ih ot AOS), kak zametil sam podavshii na AOS.

Ia by sovetoval obratit’sia k horoshemu lawyeru i ne predprinimat’ bez nego nikakih shagov.

Est’ i polojitel’nyi moment vo vsem etom. V rezul’tate GC budet bezuslovnoi s samogo nachala.

So instead of filing I-751 to remove conditions in Nov 2007 (90 days before the 2nd aniversary of approval) it will all be pushed by 1 year.
Snimat’ uslovie budet ne nujno sovsem, esli vse voprosy budut razresheny verno.

Interesnyi sluchai s drugim finalom opisan na http://murthyforum.atinfopop.com/4/OpenTopic?a=tpc&s=1024039761&f=1474093861&m=866104716

To, chto sovershenno nevozmojno - bylo priznano kak svershivsheesia.

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