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Всем привет! Срочно нужен совет!!! поступил в ASA институт, занятия начинаются в феврале 2009. Но сейчас знакомые начинают отговаривать, якобы ASA - лохотрон под прикрытием института… Диплом позорный, только деньги и время потратишь!!!:letmein: Теперь незнаю что делать, забирать документы или все же учиться в ASA?! Может у кого нибудь есть информация об этом институте и вобще схожие ситуации… Please help

Advertising Standards Authority
10 Dec 2008 … The ASA is independent regulator for advertisements, sales promotion and direct marketing in the UK.
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British Swimming & the asa : Homepage
British Swimming and the Amateur Swimming Association in the UK.
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The Acoustical Society of America
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Autism Society of America

Который из них?

никакой из этих! ASA the college for excellence - этот! один в Бруклине Lourence Willoughby.

читала очень плохие отзывы о них. По-моему, на привете, с год-два назад. Там целая рубрика была, что-то вроде “[ASA] - отстой”

This is my story bout my experience at ASA (the so called COLLEGE FOR EXCELLENCE). This school is nothing but a ripoff. They don’t care about your education, all they care about is your money. When we show up for freshman orientation Alex Shchegol (The President) doesn’t see student, HE SEE’S DOLLAR SIGNS, Gas Money for his Bently. Let me fill you in on what really goes on at this so called COLLEGE FOR EXCELLENCE.

I was working for about two years as a stock clerk. My family kept on pushing me to go to college. I put it off for a while, but eventualy i decided to give ASA a call. They’re website really does a good job at selling their school. They are supposidley a accredited college, they graduate placement rate is 83% (Supposedly Grads get placed IN FIELD WITHIN ONE YEAR).

Now the recruiters do a even better job of selling the school. When I went to see one of the recruiters from ASA to dicuss possibly enrolling there, they talked about that school as the best College that ever existed. They said that they had top of the line equipment, Highly Qualified Proffesors with their Masters, Grads being placed at Fortune 500 Companies, Life Time Job Placement Assistance, promised us jobs paiying $100,000 after just one year in the field, they promised us small class sizes, guaranteed Externships, Flexible schedules, and so many other promises.

Now all of this info that was given to me made me think that ASA was a good College to go to. After all the information was given to me Logically i needed a little time to think about this big decisions, whether to atttend this College or Not. The Recruiters at ASA give you NO chance at all to think even think about anything. They practically won’t let you leave without attending. They Had me signing all types of papers. I told them that I didn’t think that I could afford attending this college. They told me NOT TO WORRY BECAUSE THEY WILL HELP ME FIND A WAY.

Now inorder to start i would have to take a Placement test (i guess it’s an evaluation) that consist of three Parts, Math Literacy and Writing & Grammer. Now i got about a 65 on the Math Part, they told me that this score was an out Standing Grade. Are you serious???! They other two parts i got around a 85 on both. The recruiter said that My Grades where better than the majority of the adults that took the same test. This made me feel a little more comfortable and confident now. Untill I Discover what the ADULTS OF ASA WHERE LIKE (will dicuss in a while).


Now tuiton for this school is outrages, I believe somewhere around $25,000 (dont recall exact number). They do assist you with FINANCIAL AID. Basically this is how it works, they help you get a student loan from a bank, then the bank pays the school the money you owe them, NOW ASA (ALEX SHCHEGOL) HAS YOUR MONEY AND YOU DON’T OWE HIM ANYMORE YOU OWE THE BANK!! You really don’t know what the education of ASA is worth untill you reach your Third or Fourth Semester.

The Computers are some of the oldest pieces of crap you can’t even find in the stores anymore. There are no desk for students, theres tables.They Promised me small class sizes, I have about 30 students in my Class.We do have small classes, theres about 4-7 students in them.
When a proffesor is absent, we get to leave early. I’m paying for that proffesors sick day, i get nothing in return.

Proffesors have their Masters, From other Countries, one or two have their Masters from here. Professors don’t teach that good, students play computer games. The Lab assistance can’t even SPEAK ENGLISH. Computer parts are always being stolen, thus affecting us as students because they don’t work and we can’t use them, EVEN IF THEY DID WORK THEY RUN SO SLOW THAT EVENTUALLY IT GETS ANNOYING. There is ablsolutley NO HANDS ON EXPERIENCE.
Everything comes from the Books.

The externships that are given are ridiculous. Me and so many other students just Sit there and do nothing. How are you going to be sending out students to externship sites if you don’t even know what goes on. The externship department doesn’t care about the students learning anything, THEY CARE ABOUT PLACING THE STUDENTS ANY WHERE AS LONG AS THEY ARE PLACED AT A EXTERNSHIP SITE, THEY GET THEIR PAYCHECKS. STUDENTS AREN’T LEARNING ANYTHING.

The Career Services Department is also a joke. They have not found me a single job. The jobs they do have are also jokes. I spent a lot of money and time preparing for the working world, only to find out that im only worth about $9.00 an hour to Compaies. Shit if i woulda knew that i would of gone and got a job With Macy’s.
I know some students that also have never had a job from the Career Services Dept. I know some students that rarley go on any interviews. The students that graduate from ASA are not prepared to go job searching…

I will continue this as soon as i can…

Unsatisifed asa student
Brooklyn, New York

Я слышал об АSА только негативную информацию.

Моя жена оттуда ушла после первого занятия.