Обналичка дорожных чеков в США

Уже несколько дней ищу, ответ на вопрос, каков процент / комиссия при обналичке дорожных чеков American Express в США? В тарифах банков я просто не нашел информации об этом. Неужели обмен 1:1? Подскажите кто в курсе.


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Посмотрите здесь где их желательно обменивать без комиссии http://www.aetclocator.com/us/

и на этой странице http://www.aetclocator.com/resources/0009/8917/0698/TC_Usage_Guide_2012-01_US_4-HIRES.pdf

Major retailers who welcome Cheques include: Bloomingdales, Kmart, Macy’s, Sears and Wal-Mart. Exchange for local currency at:
American Express Travel Service Offices, Bank of Hawaii, Chase, Citibank, First Hawaiian Bank, PNC, Sovereign, Sun Trust, US Bank

  • No fee at most banks when exchanging for local currency; limits usually imposed for non-customers

** Photo ID may be required

И здесь рекомендации как лучше обращаться с чеками:


You can either cash your traveler’s checks at a bank or you can use them at stores, hotels, restaurants, etc. When you want use a traveler’s check, you need to show a photo ID. You may also need to show the proof of purchase at the time of using it.

When you cash the checks, you should keep track of their numbers. That way, if you lose the remaining checks you will know which ones were left.

When you cash a check, you should sign in the designated place exactly the same way you signed the check when purchasing it. The payee should match the two signatures before he/she accepts the check. If the payee has any doubt about the authenticity of the check, he/she can contact the issuer. http://www.immihelp.com/newcomer/travelers-checks.html

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Spasibo. Cheki prinjali bez problem. Cheki okazalis dovolno udobnim variantom perevozki. No v lubom sluchae ne stoit skladivat vse jajca v odnu korzinu.