Оцените эссе для программы Fulbtight.

Study Objective
My name is Daria Kurdik. I am 26 years old. I would like to pursue a Master’s Degree degree in the field of Information Sciences in the USA. The concentration within the field is Enterprise Architecture and Information Systems.

During the Master’s degree program, I will primarily focus on understanding structure of organisations, information systems and how technology can be used to assist business. Concentration on Enterprise Architecture and Information Systems will help me to gain conceptual knowledge and practical skills of:

  • Development and maintenance of cost-effective architecture for an organization, in concordance with its strategic plan, currently applied IT-systems and latest trends in an industry;
  • Development of management standards for organisational architecture;
  • Analysis, modelling and redesign of business processes between units of an enterprise;
  • Ability to present an enterprise architecture to business and IT-audiences of organisation;
  • Finding the ways in which IT-solutions can enhance competitiveness and effectiveness of a business;
  • Application of relevant hardware and software to produce informed business solutions;
  • Understanding of tools and techniques of system project management.
    These skills are a must-have for an enterprise analyst and consultant ready to offer effective solutions.

Nowadays many Russian enterprises need professional assistance to optimize business processes, organisation structure and enhance productivity. It motivates me to pursue a Master’s degree with a concentration in Enterprise Architecture and Information Systems in the USA. Participation in Fulbright program is my chance to learn how effectively develop and utilize systems and technology to enhance competitiveness of an enterprise. American enterprises are well known for their top effectivity and cutting-edge information technologies. High-quality American education focuses both on theoretical and practical aspects of a learning process. Thus, studying in the USA I will get a solid knowledge base of subjects and sufficient practical skills.

Moreover, as Fulbright student I will be able to attend conferences and meetings, dedicated to the subjects of my concentration. These opportunities will help me to build a network of professional contacts, which in turn, will contribute to successful completion of a Master’s Degree and further professional development.

When back to Russia, I plan to seek employment as a business analyst in banking structure with concentration in banking applications and Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM). This experience and Master’s degree knowledge will open me a way to business consulting field. Ability and desire to share knowledge in open and confident manner will help me to share the best professional experience with my clients and students. Afterwards, I would like to pursue a Ph.D. in the field of Information Sciences.

I truly hope that qualitative consulting aid will cause a positive impact on labor productivity in Russia. State institutions are one more category that needs optimization of business processes and integration of CRM-systems. With this vision, I would like to contribute to further economic development of Russia.

Дарья, расскажите, удалось ли Вам получить грант? Очень интересно.