Покритикуйте, пожалуйста, резюме (С#/.NET developer)

Планирую искать работу по H1b. Покритикуйте, пожалуйста, резюме.
Также буду признателен советам, насколько я буду привлекателен для работодателей с таким набором знаний/опыта.

Andrey ***
Russia, Volgograd, XXXXXX
Email: xxxxx@xxx.com
Skype: xxx
LinkedIn: http:// …

I am a highly motivated and driven programmer who is looking for a software engineer position in a dynamic fast-paced environment. My broad experience allows me to quickly adapt to changing priorities and generate innovative solutions.

• Over 8 years of professional software development experience
• Over 5 years of experience with C#, .NET Framework and MS Visual Studio
• Expert in designing and implementing web servers and Windows services solutions
• Solid background in object-oriented design and using various design patterns
• Comprehensive knowledge of data modeling and performance tuning
• Strong skills in back-end database development including designing and administering databases, writing stored procedures, SQL and triggers
• Interprocess and interserver communications using various interfaces and protocols
• Experience in developing high-load multithreaded applications
• Hands-on experience in system and network administration
• Excellent problem solving and analytical skills with ability to work independently or in a team environment
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills (English, Russian)

Windows: WCF, Windows services, MS Office Interop, WinForms, MS Office Fluent UI
Web: ASP.NET MVC, REST based Web services, HTML, XML, JavaScript
Databases: MS SQL, T-SQL, MySQL, Stored procedures
Networking: HTTP, TCP/IP, UDP, Telnet, SSH, FTP, SMPP, SNMP, LDAP
Version control: SVN, Mercurial, TFS
Testing: NUnit, MS Test
Other: Cisco SCE Subscriber API, PHP, Delphi

2011 - Present Sr. Programmer, CompanyA Ltd., Volgograd
CompanyA is a state provider of internet and other computer and networking services. My responsibilities include creating software to optimize, automate, and monitor network equipment and software:

• Designed and implemented an advanced accounting billing extension using common interface with flexible tuning and extension settings.
• Enabled static IP capability for customers over VPN and NAT (SmartEdge 600 MSER) without any operator support.
• Developed telephony accounting billing extension to outgoing calls based on pricing and managing rights.
• Improved enable/disable/change plan process. Automated network equipment switches, list of services changes, and subscriber alerts.
• Designed and implemented statistic catching of network equipment by SSH, provided access to it, and decreased data size
• Created web API for billing profile access and remote batch command execution
• Designed and implemented software to send SMS-messages using SMPP gateway
• Developed software to execute SNMP queries for monitoring servers and network equipment, web API
• Designed and implemented software to generate PDF-documents using templates
• Designed and implemented application to verify incoming calls using two different data sources
• Designed and implemented software to remotely monitor and restart unstable services automatically or manually, if needed
• Realized application to catch information from websites (such as weather forecast) and display it through video stream.
• Designed and implemented service to control balances of phone accounts from different sources and automatically resort their priority for outgoing calls when needed
• Organized cache for various high-load web services using significantly less resources
• Developed custom Zabbix monitoring system extensions to help control services network administrators

Technical environment: C#, .NET, ASP.NET MVC, REST based Web services, WCF, Windows services, MySQL, Stored procedures, HTML, JavaScript, XML, HTTP, TCP/IP, SSH, Telnet, UDP, SNMP, SMPP, Cisco SCE Subscriber API, PHP, MS Office Interop, WinForms, NUnit, SVN, TFS

2006 - 2011 Software Engineer, CompanyB, Volgograd
The branch of company transfers heat energy from a local power plant to the city. My responsibilities included automate and support business operations:

• Designed and implemented application to control workstation state including
• extension to check necessary network access to remote hosts
• extension to enable remote install of applications
• extension to enable remote control using RDP, VNC
• Automated loading bank-client operations to the accounting system (1C:Enterprise)
• Designed and implemented application to fill MS Word templates with data from MS Excel documents
• Realized application to calculate cost of the heat energy consumed
• Designed and implemented service to execute custom backup actions through ActiveX with 1C:Enterprise database and upload data to FTP host
• Automated content publishing to local and internet sites+
• Developed scripts to automate and support MS Active Directory and workstations deploy
• Supported networking, installation and administration of MS Active Directory. Configured server software and workstation environment

Technical environment: C#, .NET, ASP.NET MVC, HTML, PHP, Delphi, MS Office Fluent UI, Windows services, MSSQL, T-SQL, HTML, JavaScript, XML, TCP/IP, Telnet, ActiveX, MS Office Interop, WinForms, MS Active Directory

2006 Programmer, CompanyC Ltd., Volgograd
The company sells and services PCs. My responsibilities included development of software to help sell PC components and accessories:

• Designed and implemented application to pick components for custom PC solutions
• Created extension to import prices of contractors into the database
• Designed and implemented extension to fill MS Office templates with data (e.g. commercial offers, warranty cards, etc.)

Technical environment: Delphi, MySQL, ActiveX

2006 MS in Technological Process Automation, Moscow Power Engineering University, Russia


“Expert in designing and implementing web servers” вы точно веб-сервера разрабатывали или это веб-сервисы все же были?

web services, конечно, опечатка. Спасибо

в databases вроде бы указываются субд, а не наречия. t-sql надо перенести в какие-нибудь languages.
Кстати, у вас в summary указан C#, а в текникал скилз вы про него как-то забыли.

Я бы хотел сделать упор, что я хочу позицию именно C#-разработчика. Как считаете, нормально, если я добавлю первой строкой в techical skills строку Languages: C#, PHP, Delphi, JavaScript, SQL, T-SQL или лучше организовать это как-то по-другому?

ссылки на вебсайты с вашими работами, а также любые другие ваши профессиональные следы в сети помогут.

У меня нет публичных проектов, только внутрикорпоративные. Есть проект, который я готовил “для себя”, но он не очень актуальный. Поэтому указывать его в резюме особо смысла нет

На внутрикорпоративные подписывали NDA? Если нет то можно свой код на гитхабе выложить

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