Прокомментируйте, пожалуйста, резюме Software Engineer

Software Engineer with over ten years of experience in the following areas:

Programming SkillsProgramming Languages: C#, C/C++, Java.
Database Technologies: SQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL.
Application Development: client-server applications, system related applications, high
availability applications (Windows Cluster), Internet-capable applications.
Other: OOA/OOD, SOA, XML, InstallShield, GUI development.

Programming TechnologiesC#: Windows service, ADO.NET, LINQ, LINQ TO ADO.NET, multi-threading including
ThreadPool, WinForms, Regex, low level network programming, Remoting, Active Directory services, XML including Xpath, Web service, collections including generics, marshalling.

Visual C++,C++ , C: Windows Services, Windows Cluster, Windows 32 API, Port monitor, MFC GUI, MFC collections, MFC Database
programming, ActiveX programming, ADO, SnapIn programming with ATL, XML with eXpat and MSXML, ISAPI, STL, ADSI,
multi-threading, low level network programming, WinInet

Java: Swing, AWT, Servlet, multi-threading, networking, JDBC, xml, collections including generics, RMI and web services,
native interfaces.

Work Experience
Software Engineer <company_name>, <town>, Germany April 2000 - March 2011

[INDENT=2]Designed and developed software solutions for intelligent management of shared
network resources, in particular, printer management and monitoring.

Main solutions:
Application to management and observation of Windows and Unix spoolers, queues
and print jobs. This is a client-server application. The server-tier is a Windowsservice or a Unix daemon (programming language C).
There is also a Windows-Cluster version of the software. The GUI was former a Visual C++ MFC application.
Nowadays it is a WinForms.Net C# GUI. The communication between client and server takes place over proprietary XML, TCP/IP based protocol.

    Application that becomes a part of the windows spooler after installation. It can         modify and send print jobs to printers, print servers or other network nodes using         different network protocols. The programming language is C.

    Solution to observation of physical printers over SNMP protocol. It can send alert         messages and create BI reports. The server tier of the solution is a C# Windows         service with database back-end. Windows service and low-level network            programming, multi-threading and database programming are the techniques used         by the application.

    [b]Selected customer projects:

[/b] Development of a centralized printer management solution for a large European customer. The major requirement was to support centralized database-driven configuration and firmware update process for all nodes in the system. The project was developed in C# and MS SQL Server. My personal responsibilities included technical project management, data base and software design, ADO.NET,
LINQ to ADO.NET and WinForms programming.

    Development of a client-server application for print job transmitting from SAP to         Windows print server over TCP/IP sockets. My personal responsibilities included         implementation of server layer in C# (Windows service and socket programming,         multi-threading, Windows API marshaling).

    Development of a secure printing solution for a large customer in the field of             telecommunications. The customer was interested in printer management software         that protects the data being printed, in particular, the data should be encrypted         before entering the network and decrypted immediately before printing. My personal         responsibilities included implementation of IPP (Internet Printing Protocol) in C.

Assistant Professor State Technical University, St. Petersburg, Russia 2 years experience

Teaching and research position in the Field of Physics

Ph. D. Theoretical Physics, St. Petersburg State Technical University, Russia
Thesis topic: <topic>.
BSc./MSc. Physical Engineering, St. Petersburg State Technical University, Russia

Languages: Russian, German, English.
U.S.-permanent resident since July 2011.
References available upon request.

Основное, что мне не нравится - очень много написано про “продукты” и очень мало о том, чем лично вы занимались.
Язык нужно обязательно править и писать от себя, а не от “третьего лица”.
Не понятно к чему относится асистент профессора - либо вообще убрать, либо оформить правильно.
Также не нужно писать “since July 2011.” после permanent resident.

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Спасибо за комментарий.

Your resume is too short for 11-years experienced guy. As a previous reviewer correctly noted, you should describe more of what you personally accomplished for the project.

Don’t use phrase “personal responsibilities”. That’s too common. Instead put particular things as “developed stored procedures, triggers”, put more details.

Don’t use I, my, etc. This is not commonly acceptable form of resume text.

I also recommend you to replace such things as "Development of … " to “Participated in developmnt of …” (the idea is to replace nouns to verbs).

And it looks like the most of your projects were revolved in some or another way around printing? Common! Who needs a deveopers that specializes mostly on printing solutions? That’s too narrow programming experience. Make it more versatile. Add something about like trading, sales, insurance, etc.

You mentioned way too much about XML in your summary section, but too few in experience section. A recruiter can get impression that you know many things only theoretically, but never used.

I also recommend to change your title to Senior Software Engineer. Developer with so many listed skills and technologies must be a senior.

Rename the last paragraph from Other to Personal. And it is absolutely not necessary to list your spoken languages, unless you are appliying for a position that requires it.

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Developed, Designed, Implemented … в этом ключе перепишите work exp. Ваш work exp должен быть пронизан Technologies и skills.
11 лет экспы это Team lead, Senior позиция

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