С какого срока идут 2 года после бракосочетания?

Я так понимаю что раз можно невесте после свадьбы не получать временную гринку, а через 2 года сразу получить постоянную, то получается что два года считаются с момента женитьбы, а не с момента подачи доков на временную гринкарту?

можно, при этом живя все два года нелегалом в стране и рискуя быть депортированой при неудачном стечении обстоятельств.
И так да, постоянная гринка дается в случае, если браку более 2 лет.

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Свадьба была в апреле, доки собраны. Просто любопытно как оно устроено и от чего считать.


Инфо старая, но любопытная.

Only 2008 statistics are included in the list. Also, it only includes people who tried to apply for immigrant visas last year, that is, to immigrate permanently to the U.S. In legalese, these reasons for denial are known as “grounds of inadmissibility” or “inadmissible grounds.”
A HUGE number of applicants were told initially they were in this category last year, more than 257,000, which easily dwarfs all the other nine categories combined. The lesson here is, make sure you are eligible for the visa ahead of time and your applications and documents in tip-top shape!

So, those are the top 10 reasons for denial in terms of number. In terms of percentage, the ranking goes like this from the most difficult to overcome to the easiest:

  1. Unlawfully present after previous immigration violations – 100% denial
  2. Drug abuser or addict – 100%
  3. Labor certification – 97%
  4. Smugglers – 92%
  5. Ordered removed upon arrival – 84%
  6. Crime involving moral turpitude (CIMT) – 83%
  7. Misrepresentation – 79%
  8. Unlawfully present 365 days or more (10-year bar) – 46%
  9. Application does not comply with provisions of law or regulations – 34.1%
  10. Public charge – 24%

Top 10 Reasons Why Immigrants Get Visas Denied | Guru Immigration Law Blog