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Florida Linkage Institutes-- The Office of International Education, a unit under the Florida Department of Education, announces the availability of out-of-state tuition exemption program to eligible international students. International students attending any of Florida’s state universities/community colleges may be eligible to apply to be considered as residents for tuition purposes only.

Who is eligible? In order to qualify, the international student must be from one of the countries with whom Florida Linkage Institutes are established. A very important condition that students need to meet is that they are required to return home after their tenure of graduate or undergraduate study for a length of time equal to their exemption period. The institutes have set criteria for the selection of such students.

Countries/Regions with whom Florida Linkage Institutes are established:

Brazil, Canada, The Caribbean, People’s Republic of China, Costa Rica, Eastern Europe, France, Israel, Japan, Mexico and West Africa.

What are Linkage Institutes? The Linkage Institutes were created by the Florida Legislature to assist in the development of stronger economic and social ties between Florida and strategic foreign countries. Linkage is developed through the promotion of expanded public/private dialogue on cooperative research and technical assistance activities, cultural exchange, the enhancement of language training and student/faculty exchange programs.

How Do I Apply? To apply for the out-of-state tuition exemption, a student must contact the Linkage Institute Director for his/her country of origin. Please note that Linkage Institutes are established with selected countries only.

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