Please HELP!!!!!!

Is it any one know how I can help to my friend- her husband does not want to make documents for her and her son in US and this long story goes for 4 years… Me and my husband just don’t know how we can help her and where to call … We live in Garden City Kansas and she lives in small village 20ml. from us- so it not so many goverment offices around and we dont want to pissed her husband for now- want to know for sure that help will be come…

You can find all answers for how to bring husband/wife at

Is her husband citizen of US? I am not sure if it’s possible for her to request to come to America if her husband does not want to apply… :coffee:

I’m not clear who she wants to bring over, her son or her husband? Is she a US citizen, GC holder, illegal immigrant? There are many things that would determiner her course of action.

I think it’s very clear and it happens quite often… The wife is here, the child is hers, the USC husband doesn’t want to send the application for a GC to USCIS, because he thinks that he will lose control over his wife as soon as she gets her GC.

Unfortunately, you can’t make the husband apply for his spouse’s and her child’s GCs. She can find another husband, though. The one that is much better to her and her kid. If she is here in a legal status, she can try to stay in that status or get a different one. If she entered on K-1 visa (fiance visa), she cannot get a GC through a new husband in the States. She will need to leave the States and get an immigrant visa at the consulate. Seeing that they’ve been married for four years (right?), she may have been out of status for some time. UNtil we know more about her situation, we won’t be able to help much.