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[How Harley-Davidson’s All-In Bet on Its Past Crippled Its Future

](How Harley-Davidson's All-In Bet on Its Past Crippled Its Future)

Комменты жгут. Чувака разодрали в клочья. А я с ним согласен. Но я ассоциирую себя больше к беби бумерам, и никак не к миллениалам (хотя и ни тот, ни другой, я здесь всегда буду “этим странным русским”)

It’s the ‘wussification’ of American Men at work here. You can’t stop it. The pendulum will swing back eventually, but for now at least, we’ve got skinny jeans and hipster beards who don’t even know how to work a clutch, and don’t care to. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I say it’s best that the ‘biker’ culture returns to being a niche, and stop trying to be the mechanical equivalent of a Hooters restaurant - so diluted and bland to survive the P.C. crowd that it really doesn’t have much of a point anymore. This Livewire thing is an absolute abomination of the geniuses in the Marketing department - nobody’s going to buy that crap…hell, nobody’s buying it as a concept.

Наверно сюда. Поржал:)