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Не могу не поделиться :lol:
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Indecent exposure
Anclove Timberline sub.
Man outside in underwear cutting yard. Any police near are anyone know one. A lot of children on street.

Indecent exposure: the crime of intentionally showing one’s sexual organs in public
I don’t think wearing underwear in his front yard counts.

So you wear your underwear cutting the yard???

Whats the difference between underwear and a speedo its ok to some people. Swimsuit has nothing over it. If your offenses dial 911

I’m sorry, but maybe I’m misunderstanding. What has this person done that would warrant a 911 call? Was a crime committed? Is he exposing himself? I think we should be a bit more judicious with placing a call to 911. Perhaps he was wearing his swimsuit because he just left the pool or something? Maybe he was just hot. No crime? No 911.

It’s hot outside!

I am sure his underwear covers more than some females 2 piece swimsuits.

I’m curious. What kind of underwear? Boxers, boxerbriefs, speedo, tighty whitey, g-string? Also, is he an old grandpa or a young stud-muffin? Maybe some of us want to drive by. Besides, you can see the underwear of most young men, even when they’re wearing pants. Lol.
I agree, save 911 for serious crimes.

Its funny but not good for kids to see tight little underwear. And they know its underwear.

Marian, yes, children know it’s underwear. Everyone (mostly) wears underwear. Bad taste: yes. Unattractive: depends on who’s wearing it. Illegal and/or indecent exposure: nope

I’m mowing the yard without a shirt on if anyone wants to come have a look!

I have seen some women wearing yoga pants that could be considered indecent. Yoga pants don’t lie

MY KIDS and I laughed so hard!!! Thank you! It’s actually refreshing to see all these comments from our neighbors…I wonder if the underwear guy read any of them? And if he did, don’t change a thing, if mowing the yard in your underwear is your mojo …go for it )))))

Give it a week and check again. If he is still wearing the same underwear and hasn’t washed it, call 911 immediately!!

Для справки: вчера было 100-105 по Фаренгейту в этом конкретном районе (37-40 С).

Слушай, классный район. У людей нет других проблем, как трусы соседа обсудить. Но занудыыыы. У нас мужики часто без маек газоны с тригут, в трусах пока не видела никого, но тетки как напялят шорты короче полупопий и спортивный лифчик/топ, так хоть и правда звони 911, половина из них в этом выглядит очень плохо. :slight_smile:

Весело у вас.
У нас прямо страсти на прошлой неделе были:

Lots of Police
Lots of Police heading down *** Hwy with lights and sirens on. Hope all is ok.

I saw that as well when going to work. My husband said at least a dozen police, a firetruck, ambulance etc… Where the Eagle watch area used to be. Can’t be good. :frowning:

Wonder what happened? When I passed by on my way to work around 9:20a, there was just one police car and one fire Dept vehicle remaining.

Hope all is ok!

When I went by about 7:15 there were a dozen deputies, fire truck, ambulance, fire chief there

It looks like a vehicle went into the pond. I hope who was in the vehicle got out!

They did get her out of the vehicle without a second to spare. Two deputies rescued her from the submerged car, she was unresponsive.

The 2 deputies must have been the ones I saw going up *** highway this morning. They looked to be the first to respond. I never saw the accident when I went by the pond. How did she end up in the pond?

Do you mean the giant pond that *** dug? I thought they were digging their way to China! That thing is very deep.

I heard a woman had a seizure while driving, I know someone who was in the area during the incident. I dont know anything else about the woman or how she is doing, but that’s what I heard. I hope shes okay

Yes, it was the retention pond at ***. She is very lucky to be alive, thanks to the deputies that rescued her. Only the back bumper was visible when they pulled her out.

There were still sheriff vehicles at the pond around 1pm when I got home, they had pulled out a white SUV. I hope the woman is ok

Wow. So happy they saved her.

Amazing. I’ve seen nothing on the news about this, but I came here to see if anyone knew what happened and here it is!
The first two deputies drove by me as I was leaving for work, then as I turned on *** I saw the flood of officials headed that way. Glad she was saved.

Thank God that she was found. I pray that she is alright.

I also thought it was strange nothing was on the news???

Channel 2 has posted the story

Amazing rescue by *** County Deputies.

Хорошо, что ту слишком conserned соседку более юморные соседи успокоили. :lol: А то уже ехала б ни к чему не подозревающему мужику полиция. :lol:

“Bad boys, bad boys. Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do. When they come for you?“ :lol:

А тут соседи вообще общаются через полицию. Возмущенная публика в комментах: “На что идут наши деньги, ну е-мае!”


Ага, читала сегодня )))