поездка в Хьюстон

вот на выходных сгоняли в Хьюстон и обратно, пока ехали домой на палме записала краткие впечатления, но на английском… сорри

So we went to Houston.We had to go through Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, and Texas (btw best roads are in Missouri). It was my first very long road trip. Before that the longest one was to Toronto. But it’s what, 8 hrs only… I must say I was pleasantly surprised by the scenery on the way. I was half expecting a desert with cacti and tumbleweed (thanks to the western movies). Arkansas and Texas were beautiful! Moraine landscape with gorgeous woods and meadows… Sometimes I almost forgot where am I and was ready to see camp “Rainbow” on my right and motel on the left (those that know the road from Minsk to Brest will understand what I’m talking about, those of you that have no idea what I just referred to, I was talking about the road that I took for 17 yrs when going out of city I was born in). It indeed was like traveling back to Belarus (only with better roads).
Arkansas though is not very creative when it comes to toponymy: Texarkana (city on the border of guess what? Yes, Texas and Arkansas…). There also was a city that had Philadelphia incorporated in its name along with one of these states… I guess that Germans didn’t go farther than Wisconsin and French - Illinois, so there are no more cool names :slight_smile:
It was obvious that we were going south. When we left Chicago it was barely 70 (it was a shame leaving on such a nice cool day). But after only about 200 mi. the temperature was well in the mid 80’s…
Btw, I don’t know why, but as we went farther south the washrooms at the gas stations became worse and worse :frowning:
After driving about 9 hrs we decided to call it a night and began looking for a motel. We decided on almost the first we saw. Big mistake… It was expensive (over $50), had no internet and no places for a nice dinner around. Bunch of fast food places and local diners that made McDonald’s look like a fine dining and trustworthy place. But we were tired so we went to some Chinese buffet like place. Though I was so ready to have some pepto for a dessert.
Next day we decided to get out of that area and have breakfast somewhere else. I think we went to eat somewhere in Texas already. Suddenly everything was good in the world :slight_smile:
In Texas the season of road construction was in heat. We had to use rather small roads. And the fact that there were no mile signs or exit numbers did not help at all… In few hrs we reached Houston. OMG!!! This city is large! There are probably a dozen of highways intersecting there. I was in awe! All those multilevel junctions! I’m a city girl, was born in a large city and always lived in one (or in close proximity to one). But entering Houston I felt like everywhere I’ve been were just villages or at most little towns. According to wiki, though, the population of Houston alone w/o any suburbs is close to population of city of Chicago (actually Chicago has about 800K more ppl). Looking at the highway it didn’t look that way… Can you imagine 90/94 having 6 lanes one direction? Not in downtown area, btw.
When we arrived to Houston it was very hot and humid. Even more humid than it’s usually in Chicago. Then it started raining. And surprise, surprise the air became cool and fresh! I almost forgot that rain can do that. Back in Mink it was a regular sequence of events: hot & humid - thunderstorm - cool & fresh. Not in Chicago…
Unfortunately it was more a business trip plus I have a class Mon evening, so basically we turned around and started driving home. But I’d like to go to Houston again, so if anyone feels like it I’m game. There’s so much I’d like to see there: natural science museum, space museum (ok, I’m a science geek, so sue me!), Gulf of Mexico and I’m sure I’ll find more things to see there. And now clicking the hills together (in flip-flops, lol) There’s no place like home!

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А русский забыла уже? :lol:

ну в принципе да… + на палме русскрго не было, а писать транслитом - увольте

это папа рулил а мне делать нечего было, а впечатления были сильными, душа просила их вывода…

besides, it was originally written for facebook… and then i decided to post it here as well :slight_smile:

Хороший рассказ! :slight_smile:

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