Помогите перевести письмо

Друзья,помогите,пожалуйста,перевести текст. Это письмо моего друга. Как-то раньше не возникало проблем с общением с ним,а вот это письмо мега трудное для меня. суть понятна,но хочется знать всё,что он написал, т.к. это важно. Онлайн переводчик не помогает. Буду очень признателен)) :slight_smile:

dear Antony… i,ve have been very busy as the time comes near for my final Hearing… it is very important and I belive it will be a game changer for me and my sons… i have made some progress. The Department of Child Services now have a Case opened as of this last Friday… i hate to say it, but im not sure what G-d has in store for me … i can’t allow my sons to live in constant oppressive fear, nor can I continue to live in such conditions. I am filing charges this week end against Judge Stella Hargrove, Michelles attorney Jason Whatley,Michelle Adams the abusive mom, Eunice Colemore the Therapist who ignored my sons pleas for help against their mothers abuses, which the Judge forced my sons to go back to her after my sons literally fired Nunnie Colemore because Nunnie refused to help them, two psychologists Dough Mays and Gale Scott who falsified documents and refused to report the abuses my sons told them their mother inflected on them. The afore mentioned have perspective Governing Bodies that will review the Formal Complaints I have filed against them. Hopefully these Governing bodies will Investigate and hold these criminals accountable for their acts of crime against my sons and myself. It is my hopes our Goverment and her branches of oversight will bring these criminals to Justice and free my sons from an abusive and damaging environment. I just can’t take the bullying anymore… it is just too much to bare for my sons and myself. Something must expose these criminals and hopefully the steps I have taken will do just this… I was warned by my previous attorney Carie/Cary Lynn that I better not go to the Department of Child Services because the Judge hated them and it would put me into deep trouble with this Judge, but now I know i had too, if my sons were to ever get help. So, who knows what may happen to me now? Every attorney fears this woman Judge Stella Hargrove. Judge Hargrove has bullied me so much i live in constant fear of what punishment she will give me next. I am in constant wonder of how will Judge Hargrove next justify keeping me from my sons and my sons from me? Judge Hargrove is even more abusive than michelle because Judge Hargrove can condem a persons life to suffering; even innocent children… Judge Hargrove is essentially holding my sons and I as prisoners to michelle and Judge hargrove’s Court. This will all end Jan 23, 2012, hopefully. I have tried very hard to get the local news and national news involved, so they can expose the abusiveness of this Judge Stella Hargrove, Jason Whatley, Michelle Haney Adams, Eunice “Nunnie” Colemore, Doug Mays& Gale Scott. As of this last Friday I have had two very strong and highly respected Organizations respond to my pleas for help. The American Humane Society and Tennessee’s The Department of Child Services. Now i may be able to get the media coverage my sons and I so desperately need. I had the Project Coordinator Heather Allen from The American Humane Society & The Department of Child Services of Tennessee respond to my pleas for help and they both were very professional and concered for my sons welfare and safty as well as mine (i was relieved to see my countries Best Organizations taking a position on safty, welfare & Justice for children). This was a huge step towards progress. I acted against my attorney’s advice, but I have witnessed first-hand how Judge Hargrove rules over them all and they do as she wants, so as a result nothing has been done to ensure the safty and welfare of my sons. My sons are currently living in a constant atmosphere of an abusive environment of oppressive fear, which Michelle and her family holds them captive in. These two Organizations Investigation along with the Govering bodies that will review my complaints may be the Game Changer… I hope i will be able to survive it. I can’t express just how much I want to see and embrace my sons again, but i must put their safty above all else. I am making myself right before G-d and it will be his will in the end that directs our destiny. I’m telling you all this because I am not sure what fate awaits me and my sons. I don’t know how Judge Hargrove will try to punish us as a result of me exposing them all…for all i know she will try to put me in jail to make a criminal out of me, so she can justify destroying the Father and Son relationship. Only G-d knows. However, if I survive Jan 23, 2012 I will be sure to tell you all about how things went and bring you up to speed on how they are going, but if and onlt if I survive it… I will contact you sometime in February. I believe it will be Feburary before i will be able to get back on-line, but who knows? maybe sooner :slight_smile: Remember I always Love you Antony and your wife. You all have been a great and special friend to me. (sun) (hug)

http://translate.google.com/ не пробовали использовать?

Пробовал и даже написал об этом в начале поста.
" Онлайн переводчик не помогает"

Гугл переводит очень и очень сухо, а в письме куча вещей,которые он вообще не может перевести. поэтому и обратился за помощью.

Жалуется человек на свою бывшую, которая забрала детей, судью, которая рассматривала кейс, психологов, которые работали с детьми. Бывшую он обвиняет их в жестком обращении с детьми, судью в том, что то ли ему угрожала, то ли запугивала, а всех остальных - в том, что не помогали. Суд должен был состояться 23 Января. Он попытается связаться с адресатом письма, которого зовут Энтони, после этой даты.

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человека зовут Анатолий))) но он зовет Энтони. спасибо,Вам,большое за отзывчивость)))

вы уверены, что у него с головой все в порядке?
я почитала это письмо и не совсем уверена, что у него все дома.
Кстати, the American Humane Society и Heather Allen of HALO Animal Rescue спасают животных, и к спасению детей не имеют отношения.

Юлик теперь на ночь сказки читать нам будет. Главное - не про то, как космические корабли бороздят просторы Большого театра. Продолжай Юлик, я очень удобно устроился.

с чем связаны Ваши опасения? Не,я его знаю относительно давно,вроде адекватный человек.

У него дома оружие есть? В каком городе и штате пон проживает?

Оружие есть,он говорил,что даже не закрывает машину и дом,т.к. никто не ворует и тд. и у всех есть оружие. Живет в Columbia, Tennessee

Будем иногда просматривать новости

=0 эммм… а что такое? он грозит всех перестрелять?

Ещё нет.