Фото для интервью.

Могу ли взять на интервью фото, образцы которых были отправлены с заполненными анкетами в ККС в мае месяце? Или лучше сделать новые фотки?:slight_smile:

Trebovania dlia foto raznye. Dlia interview trebovania sleduiuscie (ne takie kak dlia elektronnoi zaiavki):


9 FAM 42.65 N10.1 Color Photographs Required
(CT:VISA-877; 04-09-2007)
a. One of the most common problems The Department of Homeland
Security (DHS) encounters with IV packets is a poor quality photograph.
The IV photograph attached to the Form OF-155-B, Immigrant Visa and
Alien Registration, is a crucial item—ultimately it will become the image
on the bearer’s “green card”. Posts should ensure that photographs are
in accordance with these instructions, as well as the instructions on
photographs found in 9 FAM 42.65 N10.1 through 9 FAM 42.65 N10.2.
b. In particular, posts must take care that the photo dimensions, size and
clarity, as well as angle of portrait match the requirements. As noted in 9
FAM 42.65 N10.1 and 9 FAM 42.65 N10.2, photos must be in color, with a
white or off-white background. Applicants must submit one glossy-finish
photo (one for the visa and to process the Form I-551, Alien Registration
Receipt Card (Machine Readable)(Green Card), with their name written on
the reverse).
c. In the rush to process cases quickly, you may be tempted to accept
substandard photos rather than refusing the applicants until they bring in
new ones. However, in the long run, those applicants will be better
served if posts require them to retake poor quality photos. The
applicants will ultimately be spared the time and trouble of having to
repeat the process in DHS secondary inspection at the port of entry, or
having their Form I-551 questioned at some future point because of the
poor quality photo.
9 FAM 42.65 N10.2 Photograph Specifications
(CT:VISA-877; 04-09-2007)
a. Applicants must present one color photograph. Photographs must be:
(1) Glossy, untouched, un-mounted, and on a white or off-white
(2) The subject will be shown in full frontal view, with full head, from
top of hair to bottom of chin, with the eyes wide open; and
(3) The dimension of the facial image must be about one inch (33 mm)
from the chin to the top of the hair.
NOTE: Instant-type photos are acceptable, but any photographs
submitted must meet all specifications given above and bear a clear
resemblance to the applicant.
b. Generally, applicants must have their photo taken without head covering
of any kind. You may accept a photo with a head covering only when the
presentation of a photo without head covering would conflict with the
applicant’s religious practices. A photograph depicting a person wearing
a head covering must show enough of the face so as to establish identity.
A photo depicting a person wearing a traditional facemask or veil, which
conceals portions of the face and does not permit adequate identification
is not acceptable. A photo is required of all applicants regardless of age.
c. Also, eyeglasses should be worn if normally used by the subject.

Лола, во втором пакете есть инструкции для фоток? И ещё,если есть, то отличаются ли они от инструкций в первом пакете?

Фото, что отправляются в КСС, должны соответствовать требованиям к американскому паспорту на сайте госдепа. Но иногда посольство на интервью бракует эти фото, как несоответствующие, из-за ошибок фотографов. Поэтому лучше взять с собой новые фото по тем же требованиям на всякий случай, чтобы не пришлось фотаться в пожарном порядке после интервью.