Что на Ваш взгляд в резюме лишнего или наоборот недостаточно?


Прочитала очень много Ваших очень толковых советов по поиску работы. Выиграла грин-кард, в июне перезжаем с мужем и дочкой в Чикаго. Поскольку 41 год , то озабоченность конкурентноспособностью на рынке США не дает спокойно спать…Хотелось бы получить от вас комментарии в отношении резюме.Резюме составила, исходя из рекомендаций сайта www.resumeandcoverletter.com, который Вы тоже упоминали.Знаю, что, на Ваш вгляд, необходимо, в первую очередь, написать OBJECTIVE, но при всей своей склонности к международной логистике, у меня есть опыт ведения спецпроектов в области HR и административной работы, поэтому Ваш совет в области career coaching мне очень необходим.
Стоит запросить своих американских работадателях о рекомендациях? Что на Ваш взгляд в резюме лишнего или наоборот недостаточно? Свой опыт вожатой в США я не стала упоминать, это было так давно - в 1991

Senior Executive with over 10 years of successful leadership in startup and territory expansion situations in multinational holding company with operating offices in Hungary, Ukraine, Croatia, England, Russia, Italy. Led highly visible, complex projects and have earned a solid reputation for meeting aggressive deadlines and bringing internal/external customer satisfaction to new heights. Consistently earned top ranks in performance in every position

[li]Lead cross-functional due diligence team with direct reporting to the Owner with the result of multi-million dollar acquisition of ******* business by *****
[/li][li]Best Practices Champion for Risk Management in emerging markets’ countries
[/li][li]Noted for leading the customization and implementation of Balanced Score Card Performance Management system in Hungary, Ukraine and Russia


International Logistics Territory Management Performance management
Project Management Risk Management Business Development

· Global Logistics
· Human Resources
· Administrative Management
· International Project Management
GENERAL MANAGER, ******LLC FEB 2003 – DEC 2009
Branch of multinational holding company specialized in home and office water delivery and wholesale of patented watercoolers with offices in Hungary, Russia, Ukraine, and USA
Position involved hands on knowledge and experience in wholesale and delivery of food related products from multiple suppliers to the territory of Russia. Responsible for door-to-door international shipment arrangements (CIF, FOB, ExWorks), developed results oriented action plan to retain ***** as a customer, designed and implemented aggressive marketing campaign on the territory of Russia and CIS
Notable Accomplishments:
Selected by the Owner to negotiate the exclusive supply agreement with key accounts on the territory of Russia
· Credited for flawless coordination international shipments of water coolers
· Supervised and coordinated process of obtaining required documentation and certification on the territory of Russia, including certification process (Certificate of origin, Certificate of ozone-friendly components, Hygiene certificate)
· Negotiated and contracted forwarders and international suppliers at the most favorable and competitive terms
Credited for leading cross-functional, multinational team of service engineers, route managers, marketing specialists to create company “Knowledge Bank” of best practices in reference to marketing, rolling out, servicing the carbonated water coolers.
· Selected by the Owner to supervise the project “Sale of the company assets in *****, UK”
Successfully met aggressive deadlines, negotiated the lease contract with the landlord at the most competitive and favorable conditions to the company which resulted in 50% savings for the company; organized export of Company assets from England to Company branches in Kyiv and Budapest
Assisted in resolution of the personnel disputes
Branch of multinational holding company specialized in home and office water delivery and wholesale of patented watercoolers with offices in Hungary, Russia, Ukraine, and USA Recruited by CEO to supervise the product and marketing teams to create product differentiation and gain competitive advantage on the Russian market and assist in sales promoting activities for the major water companies in Europe

Notable Accomplishments:
Developed and delivered the presentation on features and benefits of the water cooler with carbonated function for the Board of Directors.
Created special promotions with marketing team (We know how to change your business…) which resulted in Company territorial expansion to Romania, France and Germany and increased $100K sales in the category “water coolers”
Delivered detailed business plan identifying market opportunities in Eastern and Western Europe, analyzed trends and consumer preferences for carbonated water
Noted for promotion of the Company product on local and international bottled water shows
Actively assisted in building the network of present and potential customers worldwide using ACT-6 software
Researched customs compliance trends within the international trade industry as related to import of water coolers to Russia from EU and Asian countries and saved 20K in customs and transportation charges alone
Knowledge of international shipment documentation requirements (legal compliance of agreements, INCOTERMS, Certification process of food related products on the territory of Russia, transport documentation (Invoice, Packing List, CMR) resulted in flawless delivery of products to customers.

Recruited by the Owner to investigate, design and implement Balanced Score Card program in Russia, Ukraine and Hungary operations with focus on impeccable customer service
Notable Accomplishments:
Aligned business activities to the vision and strategy of the organization to improve internal and external communications, and monitor organization performance against strategic goals by identifying key strategic performance indicators for each department
Designed and executed training Balanced Scorecard (BSC) Program in Moscow, Kyiv, Budapest
Performed BSC user trainings in Russia, Ukraine, Hungary
Assisted in organizing team-building events in Hungary, Romania, Zimbabwe
Legal Department MOSCOW, RUSSIA
Notable Accomplishments:
Noted for development of internal performance management system for Legal Department Coordinated numerous international projects, including the land purchase for water plant in Ukraine, registration of patent rights for carbonated coolers in Moscow, internal department due diligence
Supervised timely issuance of permit documents and other technical documentation in reference to functioning of the Company branch in Russia
Supervised the Risk Management project in regional offices in Hungary, Italy, Ukraine, United Kingdom which resulted in identifying risk zones in business processes
Organized the workload of 6 lawyers
Assisted In-house Lawyer in international restructuring project, involving CW worldwide offices - Ukraine, England, Croatia, Hungary, Cyprus, Cayman Islands

Introduced filing system to log in customer complaints
Supervised documentation control in reference to customer base
Organized business trips of the key account management to multiple destinations, including complicated itineraries, which involved direct contact with hotels, airlines both in Russia and abroad

Senior Editor
09.1992–10.1995 Living Stream Publishing Moscow Branch Office ,
Supervised group of 5 translators

· 1992 — MA degree in Education
Moscow Pedagogical University, Department of foreign languages, Graduated with honors
Advanced trainings/courses:
· 1987 — Vocational Training School #90, College, International Switchboard operator
· 2004 — MS Word Advanced, Xylos
· 2004 — Balanced Score Card, EMENSY MOSCOW, RUSSIA
· 2004 — Finance for non-finance managers , Ernst&Young MOSCOW RUSSIA
· 2005 — Integrity Sales , *******Budapest
· 2006 - Levels of Knowledge , ******** Budpest

· Russian: Native
English: fluent
German: basic knowledge
Core skills
· Excellent presentation, teambuilding and leadership skills
· Proven management and delegation ability
· Multitasker
Reliable and accurate in the work performed;
· Able to perform in complex cross-functional business environment
· Being prepared to go the extra mile when necessary and able to produce results;
· Taking pride in the quality of the work produce;
· Proactive in negotiating deadlines and reliable in meeting deadlines;
· Courteous and professional in dealing with people inside and outside the Company;
· Alert to identifying problems and proactive in resolving them

Проблема Вашего резюме в том, что Senior Executive Вас сходу не возьмут. И менеджером проекта, я боюсь, тоже. Разве что, в очень специфичных обстоятельствах. Поэтому начинать надо таки да с OBJECTIVE, то есть с той должности, на которую Вы реально можете претендовать.

Под OBJECTIVE уже построите содержание, чтобы оно его поддерживало и усиливало. Сейчас у Вас не резюме, а анкета. Сделайте несколько резюме под разные профессии. На HR я бы не рассчитывал - там пробиться крайне сложно.

Рада, что обратилась к Вам за советом… Смутные сомнения облеклись во вполне понятные слова. Как раз смысл просьбы прочитать резюме и заключался в том, чтобы понять, на что реально можно претендовать в смысле трудоустройства.
Стоит ли оставить в резюме реальные должности или заменить на нейтральные специалист/менеджер? В России зачастую трудней найти работу директору, чем его подчиненному…
Итак, убираем все проекты в области HR, due diligence, BSC, marketing …Остается административная работа в компании – огромная конкуренция, да? Если убрать проекты, над которыми я работала, остается, что я умею работать на компе, перебирать бумажки, говорить по-английски.
И второе – Import/export agent, судя по сайту www.jobsinlogistics .com, требования к кандидатам, в основном, сводятся к high school diploma. Учитывая мой возраст, предпочтения очевидны…
Прошу прощения за сумбур, просто рассуждаю вслух. Буду очень благодарна, если Вы поможете с реальными OBJECTIVES.