California Weekend Warrior Путеводитель

Weekend Warrior Путеводитель :
Накопилось за год в Кали…
Может кто-то почерпает идейки на выходные
Будут ворпосы задавайте тут )))

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как же вы после красоты Колорадских гор в Калифорнии с ее равнинным (относительно гор) ландшафтом

What ))) ???
California mountains (Sierra Nevada) have more verity of landscapes than Colorado. California mountains are diversified and you can see lot of different things. In Colorado on other hand all mountains are beautiful , but they all the same , same trees , same creek ,same rivers…You can see one Rocky Mountain park and you can say you saw all Rockies since its looks the same…
The only problem with California mountains parks , they are 3 hours away and overcrowded , especially Yosemite , this park looks like some international airport.
But i can easily say that Sierra Nevada is much more to explore then in Rockies , and i can say this from my own experience

Немного не тему Калифорнии, но в тему ваших фото - какого хайкать в июле в районе Моаба (ну или в принципе в южной части Юты)? Есть ли какие-то хайки в том районе, где можно не умереть от жары?

Ну я подхожу к горам немного с утилитарной стороны - наличие и многообразие горок по которым можно кататься на лыжах. В этом смысле Колорадо всеж интереснее должно быть

Skiwise? Hands down Colorado best place ever
This winter i went to Sugar Bowl in Cali…its looks like kindergarten park VS Keystone resort…
what was blue lines in Sugar bowl in Keystone they marked as green lines
Trail are super short…this year unfortunately i will not explore more Cali resorts , but i heard that lake Tahoe resorts are much better choice

But summer time i would prefer Sierra Nevada, but again i have only this summer to complete my exploration in this region…so any good advices are more than welcome here

First question : It was hot , but ok…The longest hike we did was that main famous Arch, i got my son on my back …it was kinda hard , but not because of hot weather , its just long steep hike…But i would go there on July , just do all hiking early morning , have water , suncream , light shoes and clothes , sunglasses and hats and you’ll enjoy it big time))))
Second question : Our son just turned 2 years then , and we hadn’t been doing any long hikes , mostly it was offloading trails and riding inside arches park
But the main Arch (don’t remember the name) is good hike
although visiting Dead Horse Point park will bring you lot of joy just by watching those breathtaking landscape views , its like mini grand canyon…
I had been there for two times and definitely will go again