Hunting season

В большинстве штатов начинается (в некоторых уже началась) охота на оленей. Если гуляете в парке или лесу, особенно в сумерках, пожалуйста, носите шапку, или куртку или что-нибудь еще ярко оранжевого цвета (blaze orange) и заженный фонарик. Охота разрешена от получаса до восхода солнца, до получаса после захода. Некоторые охотники в нарушение правил прихватывают еще 5-10 минут. Это уже совсем темно. Шанс получить стрелу или пулю ничтожно мал, но тем не менее.

Я получил письмо с просьбой информировать всех неохотников об открытии сезона, что я и делаю.

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А вот и “случай” в тему.

An Austrian hunter has taken a pot shot at a parked car - after mistaking it for a wild boar.
Hunter woke up and thought car was wild game.
The 67-year-old had briefly dozed off in a watchtower near Schmiedrait in eastern Austria before the incident.
The APA news agency said he woke up and thought the car - which was some 80 metres (262 feet) away - was wild game.
His bullet went through the car leaving its 19-year-old driver - who had parked on a forest path after breaking down on a main road - in a state of shock.
Nobody was injured in the incident.
Local police later said blood-alcohol tests revealed the hunter was not intoxicated.
They explained that the man was to be cited for causing potential bodily harm.

Понаделали маленьких машин.

No team has ever lost a division title up 3 games with 3 games to go…Denver managed that infamous feat last season.

No team has ever gone 6-0 and a not won their division; and b not made the playoffs.

It appears Denver is bent on breaking all the records for season collapses.

I just wonder how much will bleed out before the season is through. Is it possible Denver can lose out and still wind up 6-10?