NAVY Cyber Forces

NORFOLK, Va. (NNS) – Navy Cyber Forces (CYBERFOR) was established in a ceremony at Joint Expeditionary Base, Little Creek-Fort Story Jan. 26.

Vice Adm. H. Denby Starling II, assumed command of CYBERFOR and continues to serve as commander of Naval Network Warfare Command (NETWARCOM).

Commander U.S. Fleet Forces, Adm. J. C. Harvey Jr., presided over the ceremony and described CYBERFOR as a vital addition to the Navy’s warfighting capability.

“I’m very proud to be with you on this journey. You have put your very heart and soul into this command,” Harvey said. “I think you will write a glorious chapter in the history of this command as you bring it into the 21st century and bring our Navy along with it.”

Starling said that cyber space is more than a path upon which information travels.

“It is warfighting battle space and supremacy in this battle space will ensure that our ships, aircraft and submarines remain dominant in the age of information warfare,” Starling said.

CYBERFOR is the type commander for cryptology, signals intelligence, cyber, electronic warfare, information operations, intelligence, networks and space disciplines. CYBERFOR will report to Commander, U.S. Fleet Forces.

As the TYCOM, CYBERFOR’s mission is to organize and prioritize manpower, training, modernization and maintenance requirements; and capabilities of command and control architecture and networks; cryptologic and space-related systems; and intelligence and information operations activities; and to coordinate with TYCOMs to deliver interoperable, relevant and ready forces at the right time, at the best cost, today and in the future. CYBERFOR will be headquartered at Joint Expeditionary Base, Little Creek-Fort Story in Norfolk, VA. Location in a fleet concentration area ensures CYBERFOR’s close linkage with those it supports.

NETWARCOM will conduct network and space operations in support of naval forces afloat and ashore.

Starling recognized that NETWARCOM’s people have laid the foundation for CYBERFOR. That work, he said, prepares the Navy to move to the next level of cyber warfare.

“Many of you contributed to the foundation of CYBERFOR and can take great pride and a sense of accomplishment in the work you’ve done,” Starling said. “The work you do now and will continue to do in the future is of vital importance to ensuring we maintain decision superiority.”

Starling is confident that CYBERFOR and NETWARCOM will take the steps needed for the Navy to succeed in battle and in cyber.

“We have seen our nation and America’s Navy triumph time and again in the face of equally daunting circumstances,” Starling said. “We shall do no less.”

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