NHL season 2011-2012

Ой вчера бостонцы набрали penalty minutes так набрали…


Cup hangover похоже всё-таки сказывается.

Бедняга Луонго уже от своих же болельщиков слышит негатив во время игр в Ванкувере


A прикольно почитать болельщикам бейсбола и хоккея от Down Goes Brown. Про Buff прикололо :lol:

A hockey fan’s guide to the World Series

The World Series opens tomorrow night in St. Louis, with the Cardinals playing host to the Texas Rangers. And while some hockey fans wouldn’t dream of switching over to a baseball game after waiting all summer for the NHL season to start, many will no doubt be tempted to tune in knowing that a championship is on the line.

So if you’re a hockey fan who’s thinking about checking out some of the World Series action, here’s a handy guide to some of the subtle differences between the two sports to help you follow the action.

World Series: By late October, 28 teams have already been eliminated from championship contention.
NHL: By late October, no teams have been eliminated from championship contention with the exception of Winnipeg.

World Series: If you see the defence standing around helplessly while a player circles the bases before scoring, you’ll know that batter has hit a home run.
NHL: If you see the defence standing around helplessly while a player circles the rink before scoring, you’ll know that Phil Kessel has decided to try this year.

World Series: It took the sport a generation to recover from the cancellation of the 1994 World Series due to a player’s strike led by hardline union head Donald Fehr.
NHL: I’m sure whoever’s heading up the NHLPA these days would never do something like that.

World Series: For the second straight year, the Texas Rangers have won their first two playoff rounds under the leadership of popular manager Ron Washington.
NHL: Nobody with “Washington” on their jersey ever wins two playoff rounds in the same season.

World Series: Outdoor games are sometimes cancelled due to rain.
NHL: Outdoor games are played even if it’s raining, because come on, it’s not like anybody is going to get hurt out there.

World Series: Commissioner Bud Selig has been accused of having a conflict of interest in the games, since his family holds an ownership stake in the Milwaukee Brewers.
NHL: Commissioner Gary Bettman has never been accused of having any interest at all in the games.

World Series: “Blocking the plate” can get you seriously injured if you are a catcher and there is a close play at home.
NHL: “Blocking the plate” can get you seriously injured if you are dining with Dustin Byfuglien.

World Series: Both hands with palms down waved across the front of the body is the signal that a runner has been called safe by the umpire.
NHL: Both hands with palms down waved across the front of the body is the signal that’s it was a bad idea to try to fight Arron Asham.

World Series: A player who manages four different types of hits in the same game is said to have “hit for the cycle”.
NHL: A player who manages four different hits in the same game is said to have “been scheduled for a hearing with Brendan Shanahan”.

World Series: The Rangers have a legitimate chance to win the championship!
NHL: Not so much.

World Series: They call it the “foul pole” even though if the ball hits it then it’s not actually foul, and this is really fascinating according to every single baseball fan ever.
NHL: They call it the “goal post” even though if the puck hits it then it’s not actually a goal, and nobody cares because we have other things to talk about.

World Series: You can tell who gets to host game seven of the final series by checking which league won that season’s all-star game.
NHL: You can tell who gets to host game seven of the final series by checking which city’s local businesses are hurriedly boarding up all their windows.

World Series: “Defensive indifference” refers to a play in which a runner is not credited with a stolen base because the defense did not make an effort to throw him out.
NHL: “Defensive indifference” will be the title of this season’s Sergei Gonchar highlight DVD.

World Series: Fans look forward to a mid-game tradition called “the seventh-inning stretch”, in which everyone stands around and listens to a song from 1908.
NHL: Fans look forward to a mid-game tradition called “Coach’s Corner”, in which everyone stands around and listens to opinions from 1908.

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DGB вообще крутой дядька! читаю его уже который год. откуда что у него берется?
в такую тему, раз уже открыли, вот его Season Previews
Western Conference

Pacific Division

San Jose Sharks: The team is expecting strong seasons from the various players who were recently called up from their farm team in Minnesota.

Anaheim Ducks: Of all the top lines in the Western Conference, experts agree that the Ducks’ trio of Corey Perry, Ryan Getzlaf and Bobby Ryan is without question the best one to feature three different DNA sequences.

Phoenix Coyotes: Not sure if it’s a bad sign, but Paul Bissionnette’s most recent 140-character tweet included the full name of every one of the team’s season ticket holders.

Central Division

Columbus Blue Jackets: Jeff Carter’s no-trade clause will kick in next year, although he’s already mentioned that he’d be willing to waive it, every day, in response to every question anyone asks him, including “How are you”.

Detroit Red Wings: Niklas Lidstrom may be a step or two slower this season, thanks to a new rule that he has to carry all his Norris Trophies in his pockets at all times to make it more fair for everyone else.

St. Louis Blues: Well, at least Jaroslav Halak continues to be impossible to score on in the post-season.

Chicago Blackhawks: The team nearly rallied from a 3-0 series deficit to beat the hated Canucks, before realizing they could do way more long-term psychological damage by letting Vancouver get their hopes up for a few more rounds.

Northwest Division

Vancouver Canucks: Inexcusably failed to address their most obvious and glaring weakness: occasionally struggling to score against goalies who are having one of the best statistical seasons in hockey history.

Colorado Avalanche: In hindsight, general manager Greg Sherman is starting to wonder if he may have misunderstood that order from ownership that he’d better make sure that the team isn’t drafting in the top five again this year.

Minnesota Wild: They traded Martin Havlat to the Sharks, so at least they won’t have to worry about some former Ottawa Senator winger choking away on their first line.

Edmonton Oilers: Returning fan favourite Ryan Smyth is known as “Captain Canada” for a reason, although if we’re being honest that reason is that “Captain Seems To Be Available For The World Championships Every Single Season” is kind of long.

Player to watch: Ryan Kesler will find himself back in the Hart Trophy picture, although come to think of it that’s also true of every other picture.

Eastern Conference

Atlantic Division

Philadelphia Flyers: Finally solved their goaltending problem once and for all, in the sense that their problem was that fans weren’t sure which goaltender to blame for destroying their salary cap.

Pittsburgh Penguins: Matt Cooke says he understands that his attempt to reform his game will have ups and downs, but still admits he could do without Brendan Shanahan randomly jumping out of the shadows, hitting him in the nose with a rolled up newspaper, and yelling “NO to whatever you were thinking just now.”

New York Rangers: Will once again rely on their all-world goaltending tandem of the starter, Henrik Lundqvist, and the backup, an exhausted Henrik Lundqvist.

What to watch: Sidney Crosby, to see if he seems to be experiencing any post-concussion symptoms caused by the exertion of flipping over all the tables in the room after the thousandth time somebody asks him if he’s been experiencing any post-concussion symptoms caused by exertion.

Fearless prediction: The Flyers finally solve their chemistry issues and have everyone in the dressing room on the same page, according to captain Chris Pronger and 19 guys trembling in the fetal position.

Northeast Division

Toronto Maple Leafs: Tim Connolly finally solved the team’s long-standing need for a first-line center by arriving at training camp, pointing at Mikhail Grabovski, and saying “Um, he’s been here for three years”.

Montreal Canadiens: Proved once again that they have the smartest fans in the country, since you never see them tagging themselves in post-game riot photos on Facebook.

Buffalo Sabres: Ville Leino and Christian Ehrhoff should provide the Sabres with production at a fraction of the cost of similar players, in the sense that 3/2 is technically a fraction.

What to watch: The Ontario provincial election returns on opening night, since it may be the only chance all season to see anyone from that province win something.

Fearless prediction: In his first game against the Bruins since breaking his neck, Max Pacioretty slams Zdeno Chara face-first into the stanchion in an attempt to do some retaliatory damage to the stanchion.

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new post from DGB
The NHL’s application form for disgruntled NBA fans

Greetings (soon-to-be former) NBA fans.

It’s come to our attention that your league is currently undergoing a work stoppage. And while there has been some encouraging progress in negotiations this week, it’s probably best that you don’t get your hopes up. These things can tend to drag on. Like for a completely unreasonable amount of time. Um, so we’ve heard.

Anyways, it’s probably a good idea to keep your options open, and to consider becoming an NHL fan. However, before you can become officially certified as a hockey diehard, there is the small matter of some paperwork. Please fill out the form below, and we’ll contact you with our decision.

First name:

Last name:

Your last name with “sie” added to the end of it so that we have a creative hockey nickname ready to go for you:

How did you first hear about the NHL?
( ) Have played the EA Sports NHL video games since I was a child, and was recently surprised to learn that they were based on an actual sports league. :lol:
( ) There’s a Canadian kid in our college dorm, and a few of us accidentally spoke to him once.
( ) I’ve owned an NBA team and the arena in my city for years; my accountants have informed me that I apparently also own the NHL team as well.
( ) Out of curiosity one day, I googled “sports league where the Washington team is not completely terrible”.

What are you most looking forward to once you become a hockey fan?
( ) Have heard that there’s a guy named Zdeno Chara who is 6-foot-9, and have never seen a European that small before.
( ) I’ve had enough of smarmy ESPN anchors making snide remarks about my favourite players; would prefer to watch a sport that they’ll never mention at all.
( ) Have heard that the Edmonton Oilers have an amazing group of talented young players, and would like to get familiar with them now since they’ll be playing for the team in my city in a few years.
( ) Have seen hundreds of punches thrown in various basketball games over the years, and am looking forward to the unique experience of seeing one actually connect. :lol:

What are some of the things you have disliked most about being an NBA fan?
( ) I’m getting really tired of watching players who walk around like they’re actual individuals with unique personalities.
( ) I hate the idea of an entire league full of players all simultaneously being told to sit at home instead of reporting to their jobs; would much rather see Brendan Shanahan take care of it one player at a time. :lol:
( ) I’ve always enjoyed the novelty of those ridiculous all-star skills competitions, but have never had the experience of seeing my team eliminated from a playoff spot by one. :lol: :lol:
( ) Can’t shake the feeling that the NBA never recovered from that incompetent assistant commissioner we were stuck with until 1993.

How long are you willing to commit to being an NHL fan?
( ) Until about ten seconds after the NBA lockout is over.
( ) Until about five seconds after the NBA lockout is over.
( ) Did I just see the words “NBA lockout is over”? See you later, suckers!
( ) I’m willing to commit to 35 years, as long everyone else agrees to pay for pretty much everything. (Oh I’m sorry, I thought this was the “new arena in Edmonton” application form.)

Finally, if your application is accepted and you become an official NHL fan, have you given any thought to which team you will cheer for?
( ) I’ll be rooting for Toronto, since it’s kind of sad how they always miss the playoffs in the NBA and I’m assuming this is not the case in the NHL. :wink:
( ) I love it when a big-market team signs all the very best free agents and assembles a dominant dream team, so I’m assuming that’s Miami, right?
( ) I’m an Atlanta sports fan who didn’t really pay any attention to the NHL until this lockout started; by the way, what’s the deal with this super long Thrashers road trip to start the season? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
( ) As a basketball fan I’m used to seeing players score on 40-50% of their shots, so I’ll probably just root for whichever team is playing against Roberto Luongo that night.

Только заметил что NHL.com на русском языке тоже сдеалали… http://www.nhl.com/ru/index.html :slight_smile:

Интересный сезон пока получается. Несколько команд которые были в конце прошлого сезона сейчас одни из лидеров.



Интересный Ноябрь был.

Четыре команды поменяли своих тренеров :slight_smile:


Ducks : Randy Carlyle OUT, Bruce Boudreau IN
Capitals : Bruce Boudreau OUT, Dale Hunter IN
Hurricanes : Paul Maurice OUT, Kirk Muller IN
Blues : Davis Payne OUT, Ken Hitchcock IN

новые конференции. по 4 из каждой выходят в ПО…
западная и мидвест по 8 команд, восточная и еще более восточная по 7…
кому такая светлая мысль в голову пришла?

мысль только одна : какого лешего Тампа и Флорида будут в конференции с канадскими командами, Бостоном и Баффало? Лучше бы Нэшвилл, Каролину и Вашингтон в ЮВ конференцию

ну надо же канадским командам ис пермафроста устроить отдых на пляже… Эдмонтон и Калгари в Калифорнию поедут, а эти восточные во Флориду… :lol: