Resume на проверку (Pharmaceutical R&D Formulation Development Scientist)

(Relocation under Green Card rights is anticipated)

Looking for a challenging position of a Pharmaceutical R&D Formulation Development Scientist


• A licensed pharmacist (since 2003) with broad experience in clinical, hospital and community pharmacy, with a 5-years experience in the pharmaceutical industry (by the end of 2012);
• Knowledge and expertise in pharmaceutical research and development, especially in formulation, compounding, and upscaling of pharmaceutical dosage forms. Understanding of the R&D process, abilities to manage effectively a pharmaceutical project on all its aspects, especially in controlled drug delivery area;
• Expertise in formulating drugs with pH-sensitive solubility;
• Expert knowledge of the pharmacological/toxicological and practical aspects of the active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and the pharmaceutical excipients;
• Understanding the principles of the polymer chemistry, extensive experience in the compounding and manufacturing of thin films, problem-solving approaches to overcome product defects or improve performance of polymer-based systems;
• Understanding of the technological aspects of scale-up processes, proven abilities to conduct scale-up from lab to pilot production scale;
• Experience in preparation of technology transfer documentation and supervision of their implementation;
• Proficiency in working under the requirements of the current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP);
• Excellent teaching and training skills;
• Laboratory safety supervision.

Dec-07 – present, R&D Formulation Scientist, at COMPANY, CITY, Israel

Key Responsibilities:

• Managed, designed and actively conducted research and development of novel drug-delivery projects;
• Developed formulations and manufacturing processes of novel gasrotoretentive drug-delivery systems based on polymeric films, both for controlled and immediate release of drugs;
• Developed, optimized and upscaled production methodologies for novel specialized pharmaceutical processes;
• Coordinated and supervised formulatory, analytical, upscaling, and manufacturing aspects of projects;
• Maintained high level of documentation in compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) requirements;
• Generated reports and presentations on various subjects including project progress presentations, both in-house and with the involvement of international partners;
• Supervised the issues of laboratory safety in the R&D laboratories; R&D delegate in the company’s safety commission.

Summary of the Main Projects:
May-10 – present, PROJECT
• Formulated immediate and controlled release components of the product for successful phase II clinical studies;
• Supervised and promoted the development and adaptation of auxiliary components for the product;
• Maximized drug loading in the product;
• Tested new production line and optimized the production process.
Nov-09 – Jun-10, undisclosed project
• Developed a sustained-release gastroretentive formulation of high-loading, highly soluble drug with pH-dependent solubility;
• Collaborated with international partners, including writing of development reports and giving project progress presentations.
Dec-07 – Nov-09, PROJECT
• Developed a gastroretentive baclofen formulation, the product successful in phase I studies;
• Developed pH-insensitive baclofen controlled-release formulation, also insensitive to ethyl alcohol presence (up to 30% v/v) in dissolution medium.

Oct-06 – Aug-07, Teaching Assistant, Pharmacotherapy Courses at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
Key Responsibilities: preparation of the learning material, holding discussion sections with undergraduate pharmacy students, writing examination questions and checking quizzes.

Dec-03 – Dec-07, Retail Pharmacist at a PHARMAY., Jerusalem, Israel
Key Responsibilities: dispensing prescribed medications, providing consultative services to customers and health care providers, maintaining registry of narcotics and other controlled substances, ordering and maintaining stock of pharmacy supplies.

Jun-03 – Dec-03, Specialization (Internship) in Pharmacy at NNN Medical Center, CITY, Israel

2005-2008, Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Clinical Pharmacy, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
Thesis Title:NNNNNNN, under supervision of professors NNNNN and NNNNN.

1998-2003, Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy (B.Sc.Pharm.), the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

• patent application WO NNNNNNNN;
• patent application WONNNNNNN;
• NNNNNNN, poster presentation at the 6th Annual Meeting of the Israeli Chapter of the Controlled Release Society (ICRS), Sept-07