Scooter & Moped

Кто-н может помочь мне прояснить вопрос. Хочу купить скутер. Нужны ли права и страховка, чтобы управлять им в Пенсильвании?****istration/scooters.shtml

Motorized Scooters and Motor Scooters

“The Pennsylvania Vehicle Code classifies both a motor scooter and a motorized scooter as a ‘motor vehicle’. To be driven on the highways and roadways of the Commonwealth, a motor vehicle must be registered, titled, inspected, insured and the driver of a motor vehicle must possess a valid driver’s license. However, most motor scooters and all motorized scooters lack required equipment including some of the most basic safety features and cannot pass inspection as required for registration. Therefore, driving these scooters on the roadways and highways of the Commonwealth is both unlawful and unsafe. It should be emphasized that it is also against the law to drive a motor scooter or a motorized scooter on a sidewalk. Motorized scooters and motor scooters which are not registered, inspected and insured may only be driven on private property.”

Я так понимаю, на мопеде или скутере можно ездить только где-н по дворам и закоулкам, не выезжая даже на третьестепенные дороги.