The story about Brenda's beaver.... :))


I hope you know what is the beaver :lol:

просто до слёз… :lol: :lol: :lol:

Отзывы на Амазоне тоже доставляют

The first and second graders loved this story when I read this in class. So much so that I handed out a few for prizes for good behavior. Unfortunately shortly afterwards I was suspended from work pending investigation so I’m not sure if all the students enjoyed reading it to their parents. Word must have got around how good it was though as my union rep said I’ll be reading it at my hearing.

$14.69 hardcover
но шедевр, конечно :slight_smile:

З.Ы. Судя по тому же Амазону, там куча “детских” книг на подобную тематику.

И название издательства - в том же духе.