Transfering Entitlement/ Eligibility to the MGIB- Active Duty

Can I transfer my entitlement to the Montgomery GI Bill to my dependents?


Under the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2002, the transfer of entitlement to basic educational assistance under the Montgomery GI Bill-Active Duty (MGIB) is permitted to one or more of a servicemember’s dependents under certain circumstances.

Currently, only a very few Air Force servicemembers are eligible to transfer entitlement to their dependents.

Who Can Transfer Entitlement: Only persons specifically selected by the military Services are eligible to transfer their chapter 30 entitlement to a dependent. Transfer of education entitlement is not a “right” for all servicemembers. Only the Air Force implemented the TOE (Transfer of Entitlement) program and that was for a very limited trial period.

Individuals allowed to transfer entitlement are those who, after approval by the Service secretary concerned: (1) have completed six years of service in the Armed Forces and (2) either have a critical military skill designated by the Secretary for transferability purposes; or are in a military specialty designated by the Secretary concerned for transferability purposes as requiring critical military skills; and (3) enter into an agreement to serve at least four more years as members of the Armed Forces.

Eligible Dependents: Transfers may be made to the individual’s spouse, to one or more of the individual’s children or to a combination of the above.

Months of Transfer: The total number of months of entitlement transferred by an individual may not exceed 18 months.