Try yourself - real life Software Testing project

There is an organization in the building where I work. Neighbor came and ask if students would test that website -

Everybody is welcome to test. Few rules apply though:

  • we need things, which help developers to improve the site (not just negative comments)
  • your user experience and suggestions are important no matter what you think about it - submitt all you see, feel, like, do not like, not understand
  • write it in ENGLISH ONLY into that topic. I will send a link to the right people - they do not speak Russian.
  • if we need a discussion on the subject - lets open another topic

That is my check list for testing web pages -

That is an article on testing web sites and web pages if you need some guidance -

Some notes on usability:

Contact us section:

  • add contact email address or form to fill;
  • it’s better to provide link to Google interactive map with additonal navigation options (zoom, move) rather than static map image;

Customer service section:

  • there are side navigation options in this section, whenever link there is selected the top navigation bar looses color highlight on Customer Service and it becomes unlcear in what section we are. These items still belong to Customer Service, they represent second level in hierarchical navigation;

  • it could be useful to add drop downs to the top menu so user can see these second level items and navigate to them directly. For now second level navigation exists only in Customer service section but the items there are important (like FAQ) and it would help if they can be easily found (otherwise users might not know that FAQ exists unless they go to Customer service first);