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Silky s meditsinskoi tematikoi katorie pomogut naiti nujnuiu informatiu
Vstavleam Link i evo opisanie po prosibe i toliko…

Digitaldoc’s Residency Diary
Observations, Experiences & Musings of an Internal Medicine Resident.
The New England Journal of Medicine.

Scores, Attempts, Graduation Year, Experience, Visa - Factor all in!

The leading source for trustworthy and timely health and medical news and information. Providing credible health information, supportive community. :beee:

This is an educational web site by Dr. Dale Dubin (Dale Dubin, M.D.), which includes important EKG (ECG) information about EKG tracings, 12 lead EKG’s, and cardiac monitors. All web sites offer free PDF downloads.

Contain: TABLE of GENETIC DISORDERS for USMLE is too good table to memorize

Na atom je saite mojno naite ese cuciu vseakovo interesnovo a tocinee skazati nujnovo i v kompaktnoi forme

Vnizu esti knopocika next and preview najimaem na nee i nahodim poleznoe :

USMLE Experiences, IMG Tips, Forums, Chat, Study partners, Free USMLE Notes and lecture videos. All in one place.

Glossary of USMLE Step 1 from Goljan Notes

Da i ne toliko na atom saite mojno naiti vse cto ugodno a tocinee to nado dlea podgotovlenia , Flash cardi

TSDocs. of the students ; for the students. Online Results ,. Viva Database … TSDocs. USMLE GUIDANCE AREA. Important Links. United States Medical … :give_rose:

Test Prep for the USMLE® Step 1 & Step 2 Exams

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Rapid Interpretation of EKG’s by Dale Dubin

Derjal atu knigu v rukah na lektiah po medicinskoi skoroi pomosci. Vse korotko opisano i s risunkami EKG da ne toliko. Opisanie mehanizma deistvia pri razlicnih aritmiiah. No ona na ruminskom iazike bila. Hociu takuiu v poslednevo edition toliko na angliskom. smotriu na ebay esti na Spanish poka.

Milton Erickson

Милтон Эриксон (англ. Milton Erickson; 5 декабря 1901, Аурум, Невада — 25 марта 1980, Финикс, Аризона) — американский психиатр, специализировавшийся на медицинском гипнозе.
Милтон Г. Эриксон получил мировое признание как крупнейший психотерапевт-практик. Его подход к изменённым состояниям сознания лёг в основу целого направления, известного как эриксоновский гипноз и психотерапия, дающая быстрый стратегический результат.
Один из людей, чья психотерапевтическая модель легла в основу нейролингвистического программирования.
Милтон Эриксон — доктор медицины, основатель и 1-й президент Американского Общества клинического гипноза (American Society for Clinical Hypnosis), адъюнкт-профессор Университета Уэйна. Являлся руководителем Американской психиатрической ассоциации (American Psychiatric Association), Американской ассоциации психологии (American Psychological Association) и Американской ассоциации психопатологии (American Psychopathological Association), был членом Американской ассоциации психиатров. С его именем связано основание Фонда обучения и исследований при Американском обществе клинического гипноза.
Многочисленные статьи и книги Эриксона вызывают интерес не только в среде профессионалов, но и среди новичков в области гипноза и НЛП. Записи его лекций и видеокассеты семинаров переиздаются из года в год и привлекают в «школу доктора Эриксона» новых и новых учеников.


Match Services

Here is what we do for the Match:
Review your application package. This includes review and editing of the two most important documents: CV and Personal Statement.
Develop a plan of action. This plan includes how to get U.S. LORs and clinical experience (if necessary).
Guide you throughout the entire process, from putting your application together to helping you with interview Thank You letters.
Submit your application to all the programs via alternative channels. You will have to submit the ERAS® application only to the programs that have provided some positive feedback.
Provide you with a personalized list of programs in your specialty matching your credentials.
Personalized TODO newsletters with important dates and event reminders.

We helped our first scramble client in 2002 and our first match group of clients in 2003. We understand that our client’s future lies in our hands and handle this responsibility very delicately. Every client is an individual with a long history beginning with school in his or her home country, coming to the U.S., passing USMLEs, and getting to the finish line of this journey upon finding a residency. Allow us to share a secret with you: This is merely the beginning; surviving residency is another challenge. But that is a different matter.
You have come here looking for information on how to make this coming Match a success. There is a substantial amount of information on the Internet on what you should do to match successfully. However, the major problem with this is that the forums only give a description of an individual’s personal experience and it will most likely not be the same as yours.
Have you bought a consumer product recently? You probably went to newsgroups and found different reviews for similar products, trying to find which of these best fits your needs and budget. You possibly did a lot of research on the web just to conclude that what one person loves, another hates. The residency search works the same way. Every success story you find is what worked for one candidate. You think, “Will this work for me?” and try to generalize what you have seen and then apply it to your particular situation. It does not work this way. People tend to omit a lot of information, assuming that it’s not important.
What should really help is a hand from someone who has seen it all; we have located over 1,000 residencies and counting. Nevertheless, no two clients are alike. We still consider every client’s situation as a challenge to find the best approach and get him or her into a program. Our clients’ match readiness ranges from “what is ERAS®?” to “I’m looking for anything for the third consecutive year”.
You must have at least five interviews to have good chances in the Match. Our goal is to provide you with as many interviews as possible (at least five). Can we guarantee this? Unfortunately, no. You can get an idea of your competitiveness by estimating how many programs you qualify for at If you get 80+ programs in a given specialty, you should do fine.
How to get started

Please e-mail, fax, or mail the following documents to the address provided in the Contact Us page ( ) or (815) 550-2224:
ERAS ® Common Application Form (CAF) or CV
Personal statements, one for each specialty
Dean’s letter, LORs or LOR writers’ names and contact information
Medical school transcript
USMLE Step 1, Step 2, and Step 3 (if available) score reports
ECFMG ® certificate (if available)
Your picture

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Форум, где можно найти информацию по иностранным мед. школам и по американским тоже. Есть раздел USMLE. Есть раздел по бесплатному скачиванию.
Вот отдельная ссылка на книги, полезные при подготовке USMLE. Выбираете из списка необходимые и качаете. Обратите внимание, что книги разных лет. Качайте те, что последних 2-3 лет. Но и те тоже подойдут (везде в ссылках добавьте www перед адресом)