Worst Uniforms

Worst Uniforms

It’s hard to make the likes of Wayne Gretzky and Nolan Ryan look bad. But whether through a regrettable attempt to push the envelope or perhaps a more devious desire to achieve competitive advantage, these unis managed to make everyone — legend or loser — look ridiculous. From logos that could never stand the test of time to candy–inspired color schemes, these duds were just that… duds. (Compiled by Austin Kelley. Edited by Sean Avery)

Houston Astros (1975–1986)

The Astros introduced the legendary tequila sunrise uniforms in 1975. We love those numbers on the pants.

Dallas Stars (2003–2006)

The Dallas Stars had trouble navigating the skies on this one.

U.S. Ryder Cup team (1999)

It takes a lot to make the average pro golfer look even less fashionable, but the 1999 U.S. Ryder Cup team did just that with these patterned shirts.

Los Angeles/California Angels (1961–1970)

Look closely at the top of the hat and you’ll notice a silver halo. Even after becoming non-Angelinos — the team moved to Anaheim in 1965 — the halo remained until 1970. It also marked the beginning of the team’s identity crisis, bringing about the most convoluted team name in sports: the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

Anne White, Wimbledon (1985)

Not everyone can pull off a white lycra catsuit like Anne White did at Wimbledon in 1985. She said it was to combat air resistance and the cool weather. But her opponent said it was distracting, and when the match was postponed until the following day, officials told White to wear something else.

Philadelphia Eagles (September 23, 2007)

Don’t look directly at these Philadelphia Eagles throwback uniforms. They may hurt your eyes.

Brooklyn Bridegrooms (1889)

Awesome belt!

Denver Nuggets (1982–1993)

This Nuggets uniform is so complicated. Only a computer could have come up with it.

Athletic Bilbao, UEFA Cup (2004–2005)

Spanish soccer club Athletic Bilbao briefly sported these lava lamps.

Chicago White Sox (1976–1981)

As if these collars weren’t silly enough, the 1976 White Sox tried out shorts.

Mario Cipollini (1991)

Mario Cipollini was a great cyclist, but this is just gross.

Golden State Warriors (1971–1989)

The “You Are Here” map on these jerseys makes returning from road games that much easier.

Seattle Pilots (1969)

The Seattle Pilots wore these captains’ caps in 1969. Also note the winged pilot’s wheel/baseball insignia.

Vancouver Canucks (1985–1997)

Those crazy Canucks! These colors look more like 1977 than 1997.

Serena Willliams, US Open (2004)

We love you, Serena. Don’t change.

San Antonio Texans (1995)

The fact that the San Antonio Texans were a Canadian Football team playing in Texas makes a lot more sense than their uniforms did.

LA Kings (1995–1996)

The L.A. Kings fade to an unroyal, drab gray.

Pittsburgh Pirates (1977–1984)

In 1977 the Pittsbugh Pirates adopted these mix-and-match uniforms. They sometimes wore all gold, sometimes all black, sometimes a combo. They always wore the striped pillbox hat.

Jorge Camps, Mexico (1994)

Mexican goalie Jorge Campos was known for his migraine-inducing flair.

The Mighty Ducks of Anaheim (1995–1996)

If you had to wear a cartoon duck on your chest, you wouldn’t look happy either.